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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(254)Cherokee County Police Departments
Cedar Bluff Police Department3420 Spring StreetCedar BluffAL35959256-779-6835
Cherokee County Police Departments
Centre Police Department110 Cedar Bluff RoadCentreAL35960256-927-3661
Centre Police Department401 East Main StreetCentreAL35960256-927-3661
Leesburg Police Department1910 Lokey StreetLeesburgAL35983256-526-8888
Cherokee County Sheriff Department
Cherokee County Sheriffs Department110 Cedar Bluff RoadCentreAL35960256-927-3365
Cherokee County Probation Department
Cherokee County Probation Department651 Cedar Bluff RoadCentreAL35960256-927-4688
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Warrant Records – How Can I Search For Them?

Warrant Records in Cherokee County, Alabama have been a matter of controversy for quite some time. In the past, records were stored in the county’s Record Office. This meant that when people wanted to look up someone’s record, they would need to go to the office and fill out an application, sign, and pay a small fee – which was more or less like requesting a copy of your own birth certificate

In more recent times, people may have their warrants searched online through the Internet. To some, this seems somewhat more private, but there are still risks involved. For instance, your date of birth may be displayed incorrectly, and if you plan to use this record to get a job, it may be denied. If you are going to try to access a record through the Internet, always keep in mind that warrants are not automatically given away once one is issued.

When searching for a person’s warrant, you’ll find that the information comes up in two forms: In the form of a record or recordable item, and in the form of a request for information. A record is simply the actual document that contains the warrant. In some instances, such as with sex offenders, this information will also be recorded in the county’s database. There is also a fee for searching through this database. You will need to supply the name of the person (first name and last name), address (state and/or city), and the crime the person is charged with. Some states, such as Georgia, don’t require a complete record search; instead, only part of the information required is requested.

A request for information will need the person’s full name and any other information associated with the person (including a social security number). You will also need to state why you need this information. You will be required to provide the exact location of the person (which could include street name and address). Some warrant searches can also be conducted on an individual’s employer. If so, you will need to provide the employer’s name, address, and the reason you want the warrant searched.

Like I said, warrant records are considered public information. Anyone can access them by requesting them from local police stations or court houses. However, warrant searches will not be free. The fees are usually very high. Therefore, it is best to check the local courthouse’s website for more information.

Warrant searches can be used in many situations. You may be involved in a domestic situation where you fear for your safety and well-being. If you suspect your partner has a trustworthy and loyal place outside your home, you can conduct a warrant search to see if that person has one. You may also be suspicious of a neighbor who spends a lot of time away from home, especially if you do not see any evidence of their activities. Whatever your reasons, hiring a private investigator is a much better option than risking a criminal record.

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