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(260)Coffee County Police Departments
Elba Police Department304 Simmons StreetElbaAL36323334-897-2555
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Enterprise Police Department501 South Main StreetEnterpriseAL36330334-348-2621
Kinston Police Department856 Main StreetKinstonAL36453334-565-3114
New Brockton Police Department202 South John StreetNew BrocktonAL36351334-894-5559
Coffee County Sheriff Department
Coffee County Sheriffs Department / Coffee County Jail1133 East Mckinnon StreetNew BrocktonAL36351334-894-5535
Coffee County Probation Department
Coffee County Probation Department99 South Edwards StreetEnterpriseAL36330334-347-4364
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Warrant Records – Do You Need to Know If Someone Has a Warrants?

Warrant Records in Coffee County, Alabama are one of the most heavily guarded documents within the county. Warrant records pertain to any type of “warrant” which is defined as any official document from a court of law which requires some type of action on the part of a person for an award of money or goods. There are many different types of warrants which can be found within the local jurisdiction and in the state of Alabama as well. Any documents or warrants that are public information are available for the general public. However, in order to view any particular type of warrant, you must first go through the proper channels.

Warrant Records in Coffee County contain data about any warrants which have been issued by a judge within the last 90 days or so. This data will tell you the name of the person who was arrested as well as the crime which was committed and any other pertinent information that may be found within the report. This data also contains information about the person’s address, name of neighbors, email address, and much more. In many cases, a person can get all this information online by going through their county’s courthouse. However, if you need a copy of a warrant record, you will most likely have to go through an official county office.

The reason why it is so important to find out about a person’s warrant status is because it can tell you whether or not you need to worry about them. For instance, if you believe that your partner is being unfaithful towards you, one of the ways that you can find out is if they have a warrant out for their arrest. If you’re not certain, however, you should try to look up their warrant records first so that you don’t end up confronting them at the last minute.

Many times, criminal records are available without a warrant being issued for someone. However, this is not always the case. To be able to see all of a person’s criminal records, you will typically need to apply for a warrant. This process can usually only be done in court once a person has been charged with a crime. If the crime is very serious, a warrant may be issued immediately. However, warrants are only issued in extreme cases.

If a person’s record does not show any type of record at all, they can still be arrested. However, it will most likely be a misdemeanors or felonies rather than a serious crime. These records are used for investigations by the police department. The police will use these records to help them determine how to catch a person who may be planning something and then hopefully prevent them from actually doing it.

You may wonder how a person can be arrested for a warrant that is not filed in court. In order to find out the truth, you will need to contact your local courthouse. Each county is responsible for their own records. They will be able to tell you what type of a warrant was issued against the person. Also, they will be able to give you information on how to clear your name if you were arrested for a misdemeanor or felony. If you were arrested for something that does not mean you were actually found guilty, you may be able to remove some charges from your record.