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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(320)Lawrence County Police Departments
Courtland Police Department271 Alabama StreetCourtlandAL35618256-637-2701
Lawrence County Police Departments
Hillsboro Police Department11355 Main StreetHillsboroAL35643256-637-6385
Moulton Police Department14220 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-3961
Moulton Police Department720 Seminary StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-3961
North Courtland Police Department1181 Davis StreetNorth CourtlandAL35618256-637-6378
Town Creek Police Department16000 Main StreetTown CreekAL35672256-685-3200
Lawrence County Sheriff Departments
Lawrence County Sheriffs Department / Lawrence County Jail242 Parker RoadMoultonAL35650256-974-9291
Lawrence County Task Force242 Parker RoadMoultonAL35650256-974-2534
Lawrence County Probation Department
Lawrence County Probation Department14365 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-5541
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How to Get Access to Someone’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Lawrence County, Alabama are considered public information and are accessible to the public. These records include all warrants that were issued under any type of federal, state or local laws or ordinances. The only way to have this information is to request it through the courts themselves. Warrant Records in Lawrence County are available to you for a small fee which is usually done online. You will need to complete some basic information about you and your history before processing your request.

You will be required to list any aliases you use in your social security number such as Gerald Ford or Karen Smith. You will also need to provide birth date, full legal names and any place of employment. Your birth date is required so that the records can be checked to make sure that they do not exist. If this information does not come from you then you may have to provide a sworn statement that they come from you. Warrant Records in Lawrence County are considered public records and are easily accessible to the general public.

There are different categories of these records such as arrest records, sex offender records, inmate records and others. You will need to provide all the information that is pertinent to your request. This could mean going through the booking photos when they were arrested. This may involve going to the jail or police station to see if the information is available there. Searching through the court records should work well as you can call the clerk’s office and county courthouse for verification. The clerk’s office may either hold the records in their files or have a central file for them.

There are several reasons that you would want to search for these records. If you are looking to hire a new nanny then you may want to run a check on the person. A person who has committed a crime that is a sex offense and is on parole may not have a clean criminal past but they may still be suspicious. They may be able to keep the home they live in but not the car or other property that they own. If you have had problems with a neighbor then checking that person’s background may help to eliminate them from being around your children.

Employers need to be careful about hiring someone. You may have an employee that has been fired from a previous job for punching a customer and they have a history of assault. If you have a close friend that has been arrested for hitting your child then you may want to think about letting that person work with your kids. Just because you don’t trust someone doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have access to your kids.

There are many reasons that you would need to access these warrant records. It could be that you have been the victim of identity theft or a criminal act and you want to have the person’s arrest records. It could be that you are concerned that a neighbor may be abusing your pets. You may even be worried that a business partner is taking advantage of you. If you take the time to look through these warrants then you can get the information that you are looking for and you don’t have to hire an expensive detective.