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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(224)Barbour County Police Departments
Barbour County Drug Task Force545 East Barbour StreetEufaulaAL36027334-687-1223
Barbour County Police Departments
Baker Hill Police Department1896 Alabama 131BakerhillAL36027334-616-0062
Blue Springs State Park Ranger Station2595 Alabama 10ClioAL36017334-397-4875
Clayton Police Department6 South Midway StreetClaytonAL36016334-775-8011
Clio Police Department3311 Elamville StreetClioAL36017334-397-4402
Clio Police Department3265 Louisville StreetClioAL36017334-397-4402
Eufaula Police Department / Eufaula City Jail545 East Barbour StreetEufaulaAL36027334-687-1200
Lakepoint State Park Ranger Station104 Lakepoint Industrial Park RoadEufaulaAL36027334-687-6676
Louisville Police Department1951 Main StreetLouisvilleAL36048334-266-5210
Barbour County Sheriff Department
Barbour County Sheriffs Office / Barbour County Jail24 Robertson Airport DriveClaytonAL36016334-775-3434
Barbour County Probation Departments
Barbour County Probation DepartmentPO Box 441ClaytonAL36016334-775-8712
Bullock County Probation DepartmentPO Box 441ClaytonAL36016334-775-8712
Barbour County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
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Are You Confused About Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Barbour County, Alabama are public information that most local law enforcement agencies hold. In cases of felonies and other serious crimes, the warrants will be issued by a judge. Warrant records can be accessed through the courts, or through the online public records web sites.

There are various different ways to get a copy of a public record. You can personally visit the courthouse where the warrant is kept, or you can use an online service. These two methods are available in many cases. A more affordable option to get the records is to do your own search online. Many of the online services that you find will give you access to these records at no cost.

While searching through public records, one thing to be careful of is that not all records are considered public information. If they are not, then you should be cautious when trying to dig up any dirt on someone. This is because there are times when people who you would like to keep under surveillance will attempt to keep the information secret.

Performing a search online is very easy. You simply need to type in the person’s name, along with the state and county where they live, and then follow the instructions. The online sites usually have a search field where you can put in the person’s name and criteria. The search will return any warrants for that person. You should note that the records you find are not always complete.

There may be some minor differences between the records that are returned and the records that are actually in the courthouse. Because of this, it is always a good idea to run several different searches on the same person. The more information you have about the person, the easier it will be to narrow down to the specific warrants for arrest.

You should also be aware that there is such a thing as a sex offense warrant. This type of warrant is typically sought when a person is suspected of committing a sex offense. People who are accused of a crime are typically informed of their rights and how to go about defending themselves. However, it is still a good idea to seek out the records for this type of warrant.

People are often surprised to learn that warrant records are available from the public. While many private companies keep this information in lockbox or secure rooms, it is very possible for the public to get this information. In fact, the government keeps a record of all warrants and arrests. You can easily locate the public records for any type of warrants.

It is important to note that you cannot access this information through a search engine. Search engines only provide a search result based upon the IP address of the computer from which the information was accessed. If you are attempting to do a warrant check on an IP address, your chances of success are very slim. There are also websites that claim to have free access to these records, but they often take you to a paid website. For reliable, detailed information, it is best to pay a small fee and receive unlimited access to public records.

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