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Limestone County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Limestone County Marriage License100 South Clinton StreetAthensAL35611256-233-6427
Limestone County: Circuit Court Clerk200 West Washington StreetAthensAL35611256-233-6406
Athens Clerk951 Hobbs Street EastAthensAL35611256-233-8733
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Huntsville City Cemetery Department Cemetery Information
Limestone County Divorce Certificates
Limestone County Health Department Website
Limestone County Marriage Certificates & Records
Limestone County Office of Probate Judge Adoption Records
Limestone County Probate Judge Marriage Applications
Limestone County Probate Judge Website


Married Couples18,202 (56.2%)
Unmarried Couples1,136 (1.3%)
Never Married Men11,872 (31.9%)
Never Married Women8,565 (23.0%)
Separated Men838 (2.3%)
Separated Women566 (1.5%)
Widowed Men1,071 (2.9%)
Widowed Women4,023 (10.8%)
Divorced Men3,810 (10.3%)
Divorced Women4,952 (13.3%)

Marriage Records in Limestone County

You probably have no idea what you’re doing when you conduct a search for marriage records in Limestone County, Alabama. In fact, a simple internet search might turn up a lot of results that are not what you’re looking for. If you’re like me, the last thing that you want to happen is to get scammed or waste your time and money. So how do you go about conducting a search for vital records that are important in determining if someone is married? Here are some helpful tips.

If you want to get access to marriage records in Limestone County, Alabama, one option is to hire a private detective or investigation agency to dig up this information for you. Obviously, the downside to this is that you’re likely going to pay a pretty penny to obtain this information. Another option is to find a reputable search engine such as Google or Yahoo! to conduct your own search.

The good news is that these days it isn’t necessary to pay an investigator or private detective to get access to marriage records in Limestone County, Alabama. There are companies that make and distribute online databases that contain this information on individuals who may be involved in various legal proceedings. If you have the person’s social security number or date of birth, you may be able to get a fairly complete background check within a few minutes. These databases are updated frequently and contain a great deal of information.

Although some of these companies charge fees for their services, you’re better off if you choose to pay a minimal fee to access their databases. One of the first things that you’ll find is the actual name of the person being investigated. Nowadays, you’re also likely to discover more information regarding their marital status. For example, if they were married before, they’re more likely to still be married, or if they’ve been divorced and remarried since then. Some databases hold information about both partners. In that case, you might be even more thorough.

Some online databases hold information about children, as well. You may be able to find out the names of their parents and other relevant information about their marriage. If you’re simply looking for dates of marriage, some sites will provide that, too. Marriage records in Limestone County are not only easy to find, but they’re also highly accurate. Most of them are actually updated and maintained on a regular basis.

If you need records in Limestone County for any reason, it’s easy to find them online. You should simply contact one of the companies that maintaining these public records. They should be able to provide you with all the information that you need. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting accurate information, which will give you peace of mind.