How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take?

Search For Public & Criminal Records

If you’re applying for an Instacart delivery position, you probably know that background checks come with the package, which can be intimidating. But how long do these Instacart background checks take?

We understand the anxiety of applying for a position and waiting for an answer. We also get your eagerness to get the job, as it means flexible working hours, being your own boss, and getting tips! So, keep reading as we tell you all about Instacart background checks.

According to Instacart’s official website, the background check process requires about ten days, so you can expect your results in that period.

Needless to say, you might be fortunate enough to hear back earlier, and there are situations where applicants may receive their results later due to some complications.

Instacart Background Checks Explained

As a delivery service, Instacart needs to inspire trust in its customers and ensure their safety. After all, delivery services entail limited supervision. So, the company runs background checks on all applicants for any job position. To illustrate, it uses your social security number (SSN) to access your information in public and private databases.

Who Runs Background Checks?

It isn’t Instacart that runs the background checks. Instead, the company hires Checkr and Sterling for that. Both companies will send notifications if they require extra information to resolve any issues with the criminal record check (like a copy of your driver’s license).


Checkr is one of the biggest names in the game, doing background checks for Netflix and Papa John’s.

When you activate the Instacart card with the app, you’ll be redirected to a Checkr page where you need to enter your information. It uses AI to conduct background checks, which allows it to gather information quickly and accurately. It can also run various degrees of background checks depending on each case. These checks include:

  • Personal identification
  • Offenders’ history
  • Employment track record
  • License to practice trade
  • Educational background
  • Specialized skill set certifications

According to Checkr’s official website, the company completes its background checks within 3 to 5 business days, but there are exceptions. Then, its screenings are available to you and Instacart on its online platform, and we’ll get into how you can view them later.


Based in New York, the company has worked with big names like Dell. Sterling pulls out information from different jurisdictions to run your background check, which explains the multiple public record notices you might receive.

Accordingly, these notifications shouldn’t alarm you; the firm is only notifying you that it’s reviewing your public records, such as your court records for criminal and civil cases, driving records, and sanctions proceedings.

As for what you care about the most, Sterling claims that it completes 90% of background checks in one business day. In addition, the company assures applicants that it doesn’t “search juvenile courts for juvenile records.”

What Are the Basic Requirements of the Background Check?


As you know, you need to submit some basic information for a firm to conduct its background check. Although Checkr and Sterling don’t state the information they might request, they usually need your:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Valid driver’s license (issued by the state of New York)

By entering your name and address, a checking firm can confirm that your identity and file are a match. It also uses your SSL to access the needed information.

Still, the firm conducting the background check might contact you to provide additional documents or information. It’ll pause the background check process until you present the needed information or paperwork, so try to do so as soon as possible.

What Do Instacart’s Background Checks Look For?

Let’s go over the information these firms look for and reveal. Instacart may not disclose it, but it does give the two checking firms a criteria list.

Driving History

If you’re applying to be an Instacart driver, it makes sense that the company is interested in your driving history, which is available in public driving databases. It might look for driving under the influence (DUI), moving violations, and major violations due to negligence. Unfortunately, such offenses are likely to cause applications to be rejected.

Criminal History

When checking your criminal history, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires firms not to report charges that go back more than seven years (unless you’re after a job that pays $75,000 a year or more).

Also, companies don’t check juvenile records most of the time. Instead, Checkr and Sterling may conduct an SSN Trace, an Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database search, and a Locator Select search.

So, what does Instacart check? The company isn’t open about that information, but the checking firms seem to check any criminal charges (within the seven-year window). That includes violent crimes, new felony convictions, and patterns of crimes because they indicate that relapsing is likely.

Still, do these offenses and felonies disqualify an applicant? Instacard has remained silent on the subject. However, we’ve seen applicants with recent felony convictions, sex offenses, and lengthy histories of criminal activity rejected.

How to View the Status of Your Background Check

If you want to know what the hold-up is, you can check its status and results. Visit Checkr’s official website (the candidate portal you get sent when Instacart notifies you of the background check). When you do, you’ll find out the status of your background check.

  • Pending: That implies Checkr is still carrying out your background check.
  • Complete: This is when the background check is done, but its completion didn’t result in any conclusions.
  • Clear: This is the background check status that won’t give Instacart a reason to reject your application.
  • Consider: This is the status of background checks with some issues but not enough to disqualify them on the spot.
  • Dispute: This status means you’re currently disputing your background check.

Tip: The FCRA states that individuals have the right to learn if an entity has used their background investigation findings against them.


How to Dispute Charges


Yes, even checking agencies make mistakes! Let’s say you’ve read your background check and found a mistake, whether that’s an inaccuracy, discrepancy, omissions, or expunged charge. What do you do, then? You can dispute it; however, Instacart doesn’t accept disputes of criminal records and will redirect you to Checkr.

To dispute an item on your criminal record, go to the Checkr Candidate Portal on the website, and fill in the application. Another option is to email Checkr; its disputes email is to explain the problem.

But what if Sterling is the firm to make the mistake? The email you receive from Sterling with your application’s rejection will tell you what you can do to file a dispute.

Either way, you need to enter your details and explain your issue. Afterward, the firm will examine your complaint and email you the results within a month. And if Checkr does adjust your background check report, it’ll update your recruiting employer.


Can You Shop for Instacart Without a Background Check?

Unfortunately, you need a background check to do so. That’s because the application process demands your SSN and consent to the background check. Since it’s a conditional offer, refusing the background check will halt the hiring process.

How Often Does Instacart Conduct Background Checks?

Instacart conducts yearly background checks to maximize the safety and security of its retail partners and customers. This way, it’ll be aware of any alarming recent activity.

Does Instacart Deactivate Shoppers’ Accounts?

Yes, Instacart might deactivate a shopper’s account to protect its customers. What happens is that the company carries out its yearly background checks. While doing so, it might come across a recent activity and decide to deactivate the shopper’s account.

How Long Does It Take To Get the Job After the Background Check?

Luckily, the Instacart application process is super quick, and many applicants begin full-service shopping for the company a few days after receiving their background reports.

In Summary

Overall, you have to wait up to ten days to get your Instacart background check result. The company doesn’t conduct these checks itself but has Checkr and Sterling do the job. If you’re anxious to see updates about your background check process, Checkr allows you to view its status.

Finally, remember that Instacart background checks can take longer than ten days if there are some complications. The firm might even request additional information or paperwork from you, so send them the needed information or documents fast to get your background check done and land that job!