How to Find Out Where Someone Works

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There are many reasons why you’d want to know where someone works. For instance, you might need this information as part of a background check. Or maybe the person owes you a debt and has evaded your attempts to track them down, and their office is the only place you’re guaranteed to make contact.

Whatever your reasons, it’s fairly easy to obtain information about a person’s workplace nowadays. So keep reading to learn how to find out where someone works in a legal and pain-free way.

Short Answer

Two of the easiest ways to find out where someone works include:

  1. Using a professional people search tool like TruthFinder
  2. Searching the person’s social media profile (e.g., LinkedIn or Facebook)

Let’s learn about each method below.

Using a Professional People Search Tool to Find Out Where Someone Works

One of the best ways to find information about someone’s workplace is to use people search tools like TruthFinder or BeenVerified. These tools can dig up a treasure trove of information about almost anyone in the US, and they accomplish said feat by trawling billions of online public records.

You can learn information like a person’s date of birth, their contact information (e.g., their house address), and, of course, where they work. Let’s learn about the tools mentioned above and how to use them to get the information you’re looking for.


TruthFinder is a phenomenal people search tool that excels at providing information necessary for background checks. A quick search on the website provides everything from basic information about a person to their criminal history and court judgments in their favor or against them (if applicable).

Using TruthFinder is very straightforward, too. You can find out where someone works by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the TruthFinder website
  • Enter the person’s full name, last name, city, and state (if known) into the search fields presented on the site’s homepage
  • Click the “Search” button
  • Select the person’s gender from the options in the pop-up window that appears and click the “Next” button
  • TruthFinder will ask for additional information like the person’s middle initial or age. Enter this information into the field provided (if you have it) and click “Submit”
  • If you don’t have the above information, click the “I Don’t Know” button
  • Once you’ve taken the above steps, it’ll take TruthFinder a couple of minutes to find people matching the description you’ve provided and generate a background report (you’ll know how long it takes, thanks to a loading bar at the top of the page)
  •  When TruthFinder comes back to you with some matches, choose the one closest to the person you’re searching for and click the “Open Report” button

Scrolling through the report, you should find the person’s current workplace among the data provided.


Similarly, BeenVerified can help you uncover lots of information about a person, including where they work. Once again, this platform relies on publicly available information gathered from government records when generating reports.

To use BeenVerified to find out where someone works:

  • Visit the BeenVerified website
  • Type the person’s first and last name into the relevant fields on the homepage
  • Hit the “Search” button
  • BeenVerified will prompt you to supply information like the person’s middle name. If you have this information, enter it into the field and press the “Continue” button
  • If you don’t know the information (e.g., middle name) BeenVerified wants, click “I’m not sure” below the search field
  • BeenVerified will find thousands of matches and prompt you for more information to narrow down the search. Once again, you can provide the information or click “I’m not sure” if you don’t have it
  • BeenVerified will present you with some options on the type of information you’re interested in, like the person’s “Contact Info”, “Criminal Records”, or “Relatives”. You can choose the options you want or click “Select All” at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can skip that page
  • After confirming your compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (via a tick box), BeenVerified will perform a search and produce some results with reports after some minutes

Searching the Person’s Social Media Profile

Alternatively, you can search for the person’s workplace on their social media profiles. LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the best places to look.


LinkedIn is the most popular job networking platform on the planet, and people use it to search for work, announce their employment status, etc. So it’s the place to start if you’re using social media to find someone’s workplace.


When you search for the person’s name in the search bar, LinkedIn will show you several results. You can scroll through these results until you find who you’re looking for and view their profile.

Once you reach their profile page, you should be able to see their complete work history, including their current employer. Clicking on the employer’s profile picture will take you to their profile page, where you can find the address.

Note that you may need to be signed in to view another user’s profile, and the above might not work if the person has set their profile to private. Also, take what you find written on the profile page with a grain of salt, as some people embellish their credentials to attract recruiters.


Facebook is another social media platform where you can find out where someone works. Users provide details like their contact information and current workplace to flesh out their profiles, and you can view this information if you’re friends with them (or if they have public accounts).


Finding out where someone works isn’t very difficult in the information age. You can use free tools to find this information, including people search tools like TruthFinder and BeenVerified, and, to a lesser extent, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.