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In this Abine DeleteMe review, we’ll talk about how you can secure your personal information more easily. Why is this important? Because your personal information is free and legal to gather and sell online, provided the data is publicly available and was obtained legally. The kinds of personal information may include:

  • Your name, age, sex, and family members
  • Your email address or phone number
  • Your address, images of your home, and estimated home value
  • Your political affiliation
  • Any court or legal activity that involves you

Data brokers regularly scrape and aggregate this kind of data from public databases, making it available for sale through data broker websites. From there, it can show up on websites and in web searches.

You have the right to request that your information be removed from these sites, but you have to manually seek out the data brokers, manually request removal, and then follow up on those requests. And, if you succeed, your information may simply be added again as it is scraped from another source.

DeleteMe is a service that automates the opt out and removal process, and then provides ongoing protection by conducting quarterly searches and providing you with quarterly reports.

DeleteMe removes your personal information from data broker websites. This reduces your online footprint, removes Google search results, protects your privacy, and may protect your online reputation.

How Easy is it to Use Abine DeleteMe?

It’s extremely easy to use Abine DeleteMe. You sign up for the service and then provide them with all of your personal information. This may include your name, previous names or alternate spellings of your name, your date of birth, gender, email address, phone number, and other information.

You have to verify your identity by sending Abine a scan of a government-issued identification document. You can redact key portions of this scan, according to the Abine instructions, but it is necessary to authenticate your identity.

DeleteMe then sends you an initial report within 7 days. They search data aggregator sites for your information, and the report includes what was found and whether DeleteMe has taken any action on your behalf. When your data is found on these sites, DeleteMe completes the opt out request for you.

Every 3 months, DeleteMe repeats the process, searching for your personal information and opting out if it identifies you.

How Effective is Abine DeleteMe?

There are very few comparable services online, so it is difficult to compare DeleteMe to a competitor. Similar services search fewer data aggregate sites, and use automated processes rather than human ones, so there is less reliability and follow through.

Most negative reviews of DeleteMe stem from the mistaken belief that the service erases a person from the internet entirely. To erase yourself entirely from the internet is virtually impossible. In the first place, it requires emptying and deleting any and all online accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other sites and services you use. Even then, in the United States, many court proceedings, property records, etc., are public records and available to be searched and published.

Europeans have the “right to be forgotten,” which is based on the age of the record, not the nature of it. Furthermore, removing yourself from the internet would be an ongoing process. Removing your information from one site one time doesn’t mean that those records and databases won’t be scraped again, perhaps by a new aggregator, and reappear after a period of time.

In other words, a service like DeleteMe can only remove a certain amount of data, particularly when you continue to use online accounts and engage in public transactions. And this data may reappear after some time. DeleteMe reduces your online search results, but may not eliminate them.

Abine’s DeleteMe is effective while you use it. Removing your data online is a manual, laborious, time-consuming process, and those who have used the service with the correct expectations have appreciated it very much. 

How is Abine DeleteMe’s Pricing?

DeleteMe is fairly expensive, as online services go. It costs $129 for one person for one year, and $329 for a family of four for one year. There are discounts available for purchasing two years at a time, and business plans have customized pricing.

Remember that DeleteMe isn’t doing anything that you couldn’t do yourself, provided you had the time and resources to devote to it, which is perhaps why some feel that the price is excessive. However, if you consider the value of your own time, searching 20-30 data broker websites and then completing the request form to have your data removed, every three months, it’s not that expensive. Seen that way, it’s only $32.25 per quarter, and saves you hours of manual searching.

How Easy is it to Cancel Abine DeleteMe?

It is extremely easy to cancel DeleteMe. In fact, if you pay a year in advance, but cancel after a single quarter, they will refund the $96.75 balance to you.

Would I Recommend Abine DeleteMe?

Many people are understandably concerned about their online privacy, security, and reputation. The truth is, as long as this data is freely available and possible to profit from, there will always be companies that trade in your personal information. As yet, there is no perfect method that allows a person to benefit from the information and interactions possible online, while still protecting their privacy and security.

Until that day, DeleteMe is an excellent tool for exerting some control over your online presence and restricting the availability of your information.

Sally Reiling

Sally Reiling

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