Best People Search Engines

Search For Public & Criminal Records

So you think anyone is findable through platforms such as Facebook and Google? Think AGAIN!

Sure, Yahoo Free People Search, ZoomInfo and LinkedIn are great, but they are so limited in what they ACTUALLY show you.

Sometimes we just need the help of specialized People Search engines (if we want to avoid the schlep of sifting through thousands of public records). These services come in and make finding information on someone virtually hassle free and they get you results – but you have to be sure you choose the right one!

It goes without saying that paying for something you could have found on social media websites such as Facebook is daylight robbery, so you have to be a little weary of WHAT service you pick to do the dirty for you. Some of them just use info that’s readily available in public record systems, but the special ones dig a little deeper.

The thing with the info you get from people search services however is that you can’t use it against them in any legal matter, but for the case of curing curiosity, they work perfectly!

US Search, Intelius, Spokeo and Pipl are great examples of top notch people search services.

They all bring you in depth results that are mostly accurate and trustworthy – another thing about people search services is that the results aren’t always 100% accurate so it’s best to just always take the results with a little pinch of salt.

So what should you look for in a great People Search Service?

  • Some of the best services get you fast and accurate results with only a name and surname you provide them with.
  • Look for a service that compiles the gathered information in a readable and understandable report so that you can easily make sense of it all.
  • Top quality service providers give you lots of tools to use as well as giving you accurate and comprehensive reports.
  • Essentially, when you run a report (and pay for it), you want some concrete information such as a current address and/or phone numbers of the person in question.
  • It goes without saying that you want and NEED a good customer support service from the provider you choose, as well as a website that is easy to navigate through, with complete informative guidelines as to HOW you can use the service to its full potential.

Let’s take a look at the details of what we just discussed:


Here you need accuracy. You also need relevant information as well as an easy to use system. You also want the reports to read easily and to be clear and concise.

Great reports feature aliases, residential history details, family and social media profiles.

Search Tools

If you think you have a great service provider at hand, take a detailed look at the tools they provide you with to search for the people you want information on.

The tools need to be precise and accessible, helping you to find the right information even if you don’t have “enough” personal information on the person in question.

The Backdoor

A great service provider is one that will let you leave when you feel like you’ve had enough. Sure you might think you’d initially need this service for a year, but now you have what you need and want out… Here is where the GOOD gets separated from the GREAT services.

A great service provider allows you to either opt for “per report” or “per month” and doesn’t bind you to long term contracts. Also look for a service provider that isn’t going to charge you any penalty fees for cancelling your membership upfront.

Customer Service

You need a service provider that places its customer’s needs first. Make sure they have help readily available if and when you do need it. Frequently Asked Questions help centers are also great, and provide that extra sense of “help on hand 24/7”.

They also need to be able to assist you via phone or email if and when you need ANY help with the service, and have great response times to queries logged.

What to avoid:

  • Steer clear of any service that wants you to create an account before you can read a report
  • Look up the service provider itself first and see WHAT customers say of them
  • This gets back to the point we just discussed, but see what customers had to say about the turnaround times and accuracy of the reports they received from the provider.
  • Avoid service providers that aren’t in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

It all comes down to this: The information might be out there, but in today’s crazy rushed lifestyle, who has time to search through literally thousands of public records and have to deal with all that frustration?

Leave the job to the professionals, who know WHAT to look for and WHERE to find it. People search engines can be great tools for acquiring information about someone, if and only if you make use of a reputable, reliable service provider.

The help you find and stay connected with people you might have lost contact with along the road and ARE the ultimate answer when some D.I.Y Googling just isn’t bringing you any useful information.

The best ones are super-fast on turnaround times, are easy to use and give you useable information that’s not going to cost you the world.