Lawrence County Alabama Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(158)Lawrence County Courts
Lawrence County District Court14330 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-2432
Lawrence County Courts
Courtland Courthouse361 College StreetCourtlandAL35618256-637-2707
Hillsboro Courthouse11355 Main StreetHillsboroAL35643256-637-9096
Moulton Courthouse14220 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-1074
North Courtland Courthouse1181 Davis StreetNorth CourtlandAL35618256-637-6378
Town Creek Courthouse16000 Main StreetTown CreekAL35672256-685-3344
Lawrence County District Attorney Office
Lawrence County District Atty14345 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-2446
Lawrence County DMVs
Lawrence County Tag & Title Office750 Main StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-2427
Moulton Driver's License Office14430 Court StreetMoultonAL35650256-974-2425
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Lawrence County Child Support Warrants
Lawrence County Court Records
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Lawrence County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment

Court Records in Lawrence County, Alabama

Court records are a series of legal documents that record the particulars of a person’s trial, proceedings and sentencing including any jail time, fines, plea deals and other punishment meted out. These records can be obtained from courts all over the state of Alabama as well as the federal government. To access these records you need to apply for a court order through the local court. You can obtain all sorts of information from these public records, such as marriage/divorce records, birth/death records, criminal/penalty records, inmate records and more.

Court documents are held in various locations throughout the country. In some states, these records are filed electronically while in others they are filed locally. Court proceeding is usually a lengthy process with many details being divulged in a short period of time. This means that not everyone who needs to view a particular record can access it at once. To speed up the court process, many people turn to online court records service providers. By doing this they are able to view the records of someone very quickly and easily.

Court proceeding can take place in both civil and criminal courts in this area. The most common type of court case that will result in public records being searched is a criminal one. Criminal cases are ones where the defendant has been charged with a crime that is classified under a category of legislation called crimes. Such legislation can cover anything from murder to fraud or drug dealing and are tried in courts before the county judge.

There are many public records services available in this area. Court documents are normally held in the local public archives. However, to get information such as traffic violations and criminal convictions, a background check is required before viewing them. This is why you will need to use the services of public records providers. Court records providers can provide you with a wide variety of information.

Court records in this area are not available to the general public. They are only accessible by the court members themselves, lawyers and law officials involved in the case and any other authorized individuals who have access to the records. It is important to note that some states allow the access of these records to be freely accessed by the public provided certain conditions are met. Most court records providers allow for single or unlimited access.

Public records in this area are also regularly updated. Official government agencies such as the court house keep up to date records on all individuals who are registered in the country. These records are made available to the public via different methods depending on the information that is available. You can easily find a person’s court record information through this medium. There are also a number of private services which allow the public to access these records at a fee.