Lowndes County Alabama Court Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(198)Lowndes County Court Records Offices
Lowndes County District Court1 North Washington StreetHaynevilleAL36040334-548-2252
Lowndes County Court Records Offices
Lowndes County Driver's License Office105 East Tuskeena StreetHaynevilleAL36040334-548-2637
Hayneville Courthouse133 West Lafayette StreetHaynevilleAL36040334-548-2128
Lowndes County Court Records Databases
Lowndes County Accident Reports
Lowndes County Child Support Warrants
Lowndes County Court Records
Lowndes County Court Records (Alabama)
Lowndes County Criminal Records
Lowndes County Traffic & Parking Ticket Payment

Court Records Search – Important Facts You Should Know

Looking for Court Records in Lowndes County, Alabama? If you are looking for public records of marriages, divorces, criminal convictions and arrests, then you will have a big chance to locate them in Lowndes. Lowndes is a county located in Baldwin County, that borders the Mobile city. This place is considered as the most southern point of the state. The city of Montgomery is its capital town. Its name comes from being the location of the first court house in the state.

In fact, the first court records were kept here. Any relevant or essential information can be retrieved through these records. It can be anything related to birth, marriage, death, divorce and many more. You can also find information on any civil or criminal cases taken place in Lowndes County. Such information is very useful if you are looking for any particulars regarding your ancestors. Searching for such information is really simple as there are many online sources that are providing access to such databases.

There are several reasons due to which people search for these details. These could either be required for legal proceedings or personal purposes. By birth, every person has the right to see his birth certificate. However, not every state allows you to get your birth certificate by just viewing it. You may have to go through several official procedures. Usually such paperwork is available at the office of vital statistics office.

Divorce records are also important and useful to a lot of people. If anyone wishes to remarry, he/she needs to obtain the divorced papers. Many people want to trace their biological parents. If they are still living, the information can be obtained easily.

Many individuals also search for these records to verify the marital status of their prospective spouse. They can verify the marriage history and the number of times they have been married. Checking out the information about the parents of origin will also help you a lot. By obtaining the birth records, you can know their current address and contact numbers.

Today, several companies provide these online services. The charges are generally very low and affordable. So you do not have to worry about the costs. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you will deal with a reputable company. Check out their experience in the business and try to know more about them. Once you have found a good company, you can start searching for the information you need.