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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(567)Sweetwater County Police Departments
Sweetwater County Detention Center50140 U.s. 191Rock SpringsWY82901307-352-4900
Sweetwater County Police Departments
Bairoil Police Department1101 Antelope DriveBairoilWY82322307-324-7070
Green River Police Department50 East 2nd NorthGreen RiverWY82935307-872-0555
Rock Springs Police Department221 C StreetRock SpringsWY82901307-352-1581
Superior Police Department3 North Main StreetSuperiorWY82945307-362-8173
Wamsutter Police DepartmentMcCormick StreetWamsutterWY82336307-324-5793
Wyoming Game And Fish Department - Green River Regional Office351 West Astle AvenueGreen RiverWY82935307-875-3223
Wyoming Highway Patrol - Rock Springs3200 Elk StreetRock SpringsWY82901307-352-3100
Sweetwater County Sheriff Departments
Sweetwater County Sheriffs Office - Green River80 West Flaming Gorge WayGreen RiverWY82935307-872-3870
Sweetwater County Sheriffs Office - Rock Springs731 C StreetRock SpringsWY82901307-352-6800
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Overview of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Sweetwater County, Wyoming are maintained by the courts. They are a public record and anyone who needs to access them can get them. Warrant records are basically court orders that give permission to a person to enter premises or be around a person while they are being investigated for a crime. There are several reasons for someone to need to access these records. Here are some of them:

Eviction proceedings: If someone is evicted from their home, they will have a written order from the court that states why the person was evicted. If it is due to non-payment of rent, the landlord may have the person’s security deposit money returned to them. This money is their proof that the person has been paying rent and will not repeat the act. If the person fails to pay up, this deposit becomes their property until the debt is paid.

Probate records: People who die intestate are listed as beneficiaries. If the deceased had left instructions for an executor or a trustee to handle his/her estate, they will be on record as beneficiaries. When probate is finalized, these people will be taxed according to their inheritances. These records can also be used if someone is attempting to get a property sold so the proceeds will be given to him/her. He/she can use this information to see what he/she can sell the property for. It is also possible to find out whether someone has a criminal background which could be an indication of financial troubles.

Arrest warrant: If a person is arrested for any of the following crimes, they will be recorded as an arrest warrant. The person will be held in jail until the warrant is fulfilled. If it is found that the warrant is valid, then the person will be taken to court, fingerprinted and photographed. They will be asked to sign a document stating their identity and their right to an attorney. The warrant will remain in the person’s files until their trial.

Sex offender records: This is a good type of record to check if you are wondering about a particular person. You can easily search a person’s criminal and sex offense records. These records are widely available and can be easily accessed. If there are any convictions, then this will also be shown on the records.

When you are doing your research, make sure you find all these records. If you have a number one suspect, then go back to step three and try to find their other convictions. Also check to see if the person you want to check has ever been married or divorced. This can tell you whether or not they have had any previous criminal records.