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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(565)Sheridan County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sheridan College Police Department3059 Coffeen AvenueSheridanWY82801307-674-6446
Sheridan County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sheridan County Sheriffs Office / Sheridan County Jail54 West 13th StreetSheridanWY82801307-672-3455
Sheridan Police Department45 West 12th StreetSheridanWY82801307-672-2413
Wyoming Highway Patrol Division C - Sheridan81 State Highway 339SheridanWY82801307-674-2390
Ranchester Police Department145 Coffeen StreetRanchesterWY82839307-655-2283
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Conducting Warrant Records Searches Online

Warrant Records in Sheridan County, Wyoming are a part of the public domain. This means that anyone can obtain these records through the right of access to court documents and judicial proceedings. They are basically public documents that serve as an official record of a person’s legal case status and proceedings. You will find that all warrants issued within the state are in the custody of the office of the District Attorney.

There are different reasons why people would want to access these public records. The most common reasons are as follows: someone wants to check up on their spouse or family member. Another reason is for the benefit of individuals who want to keep an eye on their children when they are out of their home. Additionally, people search for these records to verify whether or not a business associate is trusted or not. There are many other possible reasons as well but those mentioned in the previous reasons are some of the most common.

The only thing is that you should have some information about the person before you conduct a lookup on any of the public records. First you need to be able to identify if they are a convicted felon. A felon is any person who has been convicted of a felony by a court of law. If you are able to see this on their record, then you should skip over the rest of the search and proceed directly to the records section. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time as you will have little to no chance of finding the actual warrant for their arrest.

One good method you can use is to access the local sheriff’s department website. Here, you will be able to view each and every warrant in the area and their dates. However, if you know the person’s last name, you can use a website called “warrant tracker” to narrow down the results to specific information you require.

The warrant database is very valuable because you can utilize it to do your own background checks on a person. As we said before, it is possible to have someone obtain warrants for your own criminal activity. You don’t want to let this happen though as it could come back to haunt you in the future. The best way to avoid having to deal with a troublesome criminal is to make sure you do not get any warrants issued against you. Warrant searches can be conducted online and from the comfort of your home.

It is important that when conducting a search, you have the correct person’s name. If the person’s name is misspelled or if the spelling is incorrect, you may get inaccurate results. This means that you may have to conduct the search over again. That can become very expensive especially if you need several records from one person. The other option you may choose is to use the State’s Department of Corrections website to retrieve the information you require. This service does cost money but it is often free to use when you conduct an actual arrest warrant search.