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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(479)Big Horn County Police Departments
Basin Police Department202 South 3rd StreetBasinWY82410307-568-2341
Big Horn County Police Departments
Basin Police Department209 South 4th StreetBasinWY82410307-568-2341
Byron Police Department35 South Pryor StreetByronWY82412307-548-7490
Cowley Police Department20 South Division StreetCowleyWY82420307-548-7700
Deaver Police Department113 1st Avenue WestDeaverWY82421307-664-2736
Frannie Police Department311 4th StreetDeaverWY82421307-664-2323
Greybull Police Department24 South 5th StreetGreybullWY82426307-568-2324
Lovell Police Department355 East 5th StreetLovellWY82431307-548-2215
Manderson Police Department100 Railway StreetMandersonWY82432307-568-2680
Big Horn County Sheriff Departments
Big Horn County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 69BasinWY82410307-568-2324
Big Horn County Sheriffs Office / Big Horn County Jail415 Murphy StreetBasinWY82410307-568-3823
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What Is a Warrant Record?

Warrant Records in Big Horn County, Wyoming contain all the information on an individual or persons charged with various crimes. In addition, they show all arrests and detentions, all court hearings and proceedings, as well as all criminal charges. Warrant records are retained for criminal acts that occurred in the course and scope of one’s employment, business and residence. These records may also be requested from the Lodge Police Department, which maintains the official records. However, warrant searches are generally done through the county offices.

Warrant records are generally used by law enforcement agencies and other related agencies to aid them in solving a particular crime. Such agencies compile data on every person that has been arrested or convicted of a crime, and then put it in the system to help them find any person having a crime that is similar to the one that is being solved. For instance, if a cop wants to track down someone that has been involved in a domestic violence incident involving weapon delivery, he will use the crime scene records to find the address of the person involved.

The information that is contained in these records includes the person’s name, current address, aliases, place of employment, present location, social security number and much more. The person’s date of birth and SSN are also noted. If the person is wanted on suspicion of any crime, such records can give authorities an exact and detailed profile of the person and how they were associated with a particular crime.

To some degree, there are limitations to what law enforcement agencies can do. For instance, you will not be able to obtain criminal records on someone who has moved to another state, or has a past crime history in another state. It is important to note that these laws vary from state to state. Wyoming criminal defense attorneys can tell you more about these restrictions.

When a warrant is carried out, it gives law officials the right to search and seize the person in question. This can happen without warning, and without notice to the person named in the warrant. This means if a person fails to appear at a court proceeding as scheduled, they could be taken into custody without notice, and their personal property seized. If a person’s car is searched while they are out on a warrant, it can mean that cars and other property may be damaged or stolen. A warrant may even be used to arrest and detain the person in question.

However, a warrant is not always necessary to take a person into custody. If a person fails to show up for a court date scheduled for a hearing, a warrant can be issued for their arrest without having to go through a formal court process. For instance, if a person does not appear at a scheduled court appearance, a warrant can be issued and they will have to go to jail until they show up. This can be inconvenient for the person. So, when you are looking over a person’s background, you may want to check to see if they have a warrant issued against them.