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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(897)Randolph County Police Departments
Elkins Police Department401 Davis AvenueElkinsWV26241304-636-0678
Randolph County Police Departments
West Virginia State Police Troop 3 - Franklin Detachment5190 Beverly PikeBeverlyWV26253304-358-2200
West Virginia State Police Troop 3 - Headquarters1300 Harrison AvenueElkinsWV26241304-637-0200
West Virginia State Police Troop 3 - Marlinton Detachment5190 Beverly PikeBeverlyWV26253304-799-4101
Randolph County Sheriff Department
Randolph County Sheriffs Office4 Randolph AvenueElkinsWV26241304-636-2100
Randolph County Probation Department
Randolph County Probation Department5 Randolph AvenueElkinsWV26241304-636-4363
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How to Search Warrant Records in West Virginia

Pervasive criminal investigations, including public criminal records searches, are made on a regular basis in all states. Searching for and retrieving warrants is not as easy as it used to be. Warrant searches are not only performed by law enforcement officials anymore but can be performed by anyone who has access to the Internet. This is a big problem because warrant searches are not only limited to law enforcement officials anymore but can also be accessed by anyone with internet access.

You may have received a bounced check or an error message when trying to perform a WYSIWYG search. This basically means that the file you are attempting to access has been corrupted or a part of the file has been removed by the system utility to protect itself. The good news is that you do not have to fear that your search will end in vain. There are ways to retrieve important data such as a person’s criminal arrest history from their computer if there was an arrest made.

If you want to view all felony and lesser charge arrest records for a person in West Virginia then you will need to submit a request to the court of common pleas office. You can easily find this information by entering the persons name in the search box located on the main page. This search will return a list of offenses that the person has been convicted of. After selecting the category of criminal activity that you wish to view, the calendar of the person will be displayed.

The amount of information returned will depend on whether the person’s name is general or specific. If a person’s name is general and covers many offenses then you may only be able to view felony counts. If the person’s name is specific and only involves a single crime then you may be able to view the crime that they were convicted of and any associated felonies. If there is an appeal period then the results will show if the warrant was granted and the date that it was issued.

If the person you are checking up on has ever been convicted of a crime in another state then you will have limited access to their records. This is because each state keeps a record of all criminal activity in its database. Some states also consolidate this data so that crimes from different states can be found easily. You will have to go to each jurisdiction to find the information you are seeking. When doing this, you should always be aware of the person’s social security number as this will allow you to check with that jurisdiction to see if the person has a criminal record in that state.

Warrant records in West Virginia are a great way to view a person’s criminal history. You can use these records to see exactly what a person was charged with and any time in which they were convicted. This is a very useful tool to have when you are planning to hire someone to work in your home or at a business location. As the owner of a company you do not want your employees to be potentially involved in crime.