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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1012)Carroll County Police Departments
Galax Police Department353 North Main StreetGalaxVA24333276-236-8101
Carroll County Police Departments
Hillsville Police Department130 North Main StreetHillsvilleVA24343276-728-2251
Hillsville Police Department125 Mill StreetHillsvilleVA24343276-728-2251
Virginia State Police Division 4 Area 25 - Galax57 Glendale RoadGalaxVA24333276-236-5461
Carroll County Sheriff Department
Carroll County Sheriffs Office605 Pine StreetHillsvilleVA24343276-730-3020
Carroll County Probation Department
Carroll County Probation Department605 Pine StreetHillsvilleVA24343276-730-3122
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Free Search For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Carroll County Virginia are important to any law enforcement agency that wishes to find out information about a person they are investigating. A Warrant Records Search can be done free of charge. In order to locate the details of a persons warrant you will need the persons name and address or location and any other information regarding the person that you wish to look up. If this is an outstanding warrant then you may be able to get this information for free as well.

If you are looking to perform your own warrant search there are two main options. The first option is to hire a private investigator to do this search for you. This can cost quite a bit of money. However if you want to know if you have any warrants issued against a person then this is probably not a good option for you.

The second option is to do a search online for these records. There are many reputable online companies that have access to all different types of public records and they have developed tools that allow anyone to perform a search on any person. These services will access all different court houses and sheriff offices around the state to make sure you get the right information you need.

When you perform a search online for a warrant check the results from these searches are very detailed. You will receive everything that is associated with the warrant including the reason why it was issued and the name of the person that is being accused of the infraction. You may also receive some additional information. These services will sometimes provide a certified copy of the actual court document along with the written copy. If there is an arrest record attached to the document then this will also be given to you.

Before you perform a search on a person you should know that they are going to have to give their permission beforehand. This is required under the Freedom of Information Act. If the person being searched does not give their consent then the search is considered to be invasion of privacy and it will need to be sealed in order for the records to be released. The best way to find out if a person has given their permission is to contact their local courthouse.

Performing a free search online is a great idea because of how fast and easy it is. Some of these websites will also offer to send you additional information if you are unable to view the report right away. In many cases this will only be used for a fee though. Remember that these are public records and most of them are free. However, if there is an issue such as identity theft, which is on the rise, then a fee may be necessary.