Coryell County Texas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1280)Coryell County Police Departments
Central Texas College Police Department6200 West Central Texas ExpresswayKilleenTX76549254-526-1200
Coryell County Police Departments
Copperas Cove Police Department202 S 4th StCopperas CoveTX76522254-547-4272
Gatesville Police Department200 North 8th StreetGatesvilleTX76528254-865-2226
Texas Department Of Criminal Justice - Crain Unit1401 State School RoadGatesvilleTX76528254-865-8431
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 6 District A Sergeant 0 Area 9508 East Leon StreetGatesvilleTX76528254-865-9288
Coryell County Sheriff Department
Coryell County Sheriffs Office / Coryell County Jail510 East Leon StreetGatesvilleTX76528254-865-7201
Coryell County Probation Department
Coryell County Probation Department620 East Main StreetGatesvilleTX76528254-865-7294
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Reasons to Check Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Coryell County Texas are public information and the state’s top law enforcement agencies publish this information online. You can search for warrants or searches through their website by using keywords like “warrant record search” or “criminal arrest record search”. You can also perform a county-wide warrant search if you know the seven-digit code and locate the site. The major counties that contain the courthouse where the arrest took place are: Travis, Hays, Collierville, Wilson, Orange, Houston, Hidalgo and El Paso.

If you want to check up on an arrest, you may have to obtain a search warrant, which will require you to go to the judge. To get a warrant, you will have to give the court clerk an excuse as to why you want to look up the person’s past. Some reasons you may be asked include looking up an address for a previous address or to find a person who skipped out of a meeting. For warrant searches, fees may be required. You can also go online and pay to have any outstanding arrest warrants lifted from your local courthouse.

Warrant Records can help you protect yourself and your family. If there is a conviction of a crime, you may find out soon enough if that person has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. In some cases, the record of the person may show an outstanding arrest warrant for other crime. The only way to find out without conducting an arrest is to go to the court house and get the warrant number. If you see the number on there, you may have the option of paying a small fee to have it taken off your record. However, you have no assurance as to what it shows, so it would be wise to just obtain an arrest warrant yourself.

Some other records that are readily available through online searching are sex offender records. These criminals can have a warrant out for their arrest, so you may want to know before someone new moves into the neighborhood. The person can be named in the warrant, so you will want to be sure that you do not have this person moving in next door. You could also be sued by that person if you hire them to have work in your home.

You should always be careful about giving out your telephone number. There have been many times when a wrong person has a look at your number and called. You may have been called by an unknown person with a disturbing message for you. Once you turned down the call, you found that the person had obtained a warrant for your personal property. It could have been your car or your house. This could have been why you did not want to give your number out over the phone.

Warranties are public record, but not all warrants are known to everyone. A warrant can be filed with various counties, but not all warrants are filed in the same place. Your county clerk may not know about warrants. It would be a good idea to get this information from the courthouse.