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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are an important part of the US Constitution and Texas Constitution as well. It protects you from unlawful searches and seizures. It tells the courts what actions a person can be held guilty of, without having to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A “warrant” is simply an “obey” or “obey the order of a court”. In our state it is a crime to falsely make a false arrest in violation of the law. This article will help you understand how to search and read warrant records in McMullen County Texas.

The first place most people look for a copy of a warrant is in the Texas Vital Records Registry (TMR). However, these records are not available electronically. To get a copy of a person’s record in Texas you will need to visit the TMR in the county where you were born, change your gender, name, and add an agent, and then pay a nominal fee to obtain a copy.

You may want to start your search by going online and searching through some of the search engines. Google has a public record search at their website, and it can be helpful if you type the person’s name into the search box. For example: “Ossie Smith”. If there is information regarding an arrest or a warrant records for that person, it may be displayed on the website.

You could also go to the Texas Criminal History Records (CCHR) site and search for the person. There are several public databases that have this information. Some of them are linked directly to the court house where the event occurred. You should be prepared to provide personal information, if you are supplying information online, but it should be minimal.

You can also contact the local police department in the county where the person lived before. Most departments have an internal warrant records database for their officers. This database contains current and past warrants for arrests that have been issued within the jurisdiction. It will include more specific information about the persons involved. You may find contact information and sometimes even addresses, depending on what type of information you are requesting.

If you are in need of immediate information regarding warrants, there are services available to connect you with the proper authorities. A reputable private investigator may be able to locate the person you are looking for you within minutes. However, you will most likely have to pay a fee for these services, depending on how detailed the information is required. If you are investigating an individual for a legal case, such as a divorce, you will probably be required to pay an upfront fee unless there is public information available to assist you.