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(1173)Carson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Carson County Sheriff's Office201 U.s. 60PanhandleTX79068
Carson County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Carson County Sheriffs Office / Carson County Jail501 Main StreetPanhandleTX79068806-537-3511
Panhandle Police Department117 Main StreetPanhandleTX79068806-537-3225
Skellytown Police Department204 4th StreetSkellytownTX79080806-848-2477
White Deer City Marshals Office317 South Main StreetWhite DeerTX79097806-883-3951
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The Importance Of Having Access To Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Carson City Texas are basically the legal documents that show a person has been arrested and has been detained by the law enforcement agencies for suspicion of committing crime. The person’s arrest is actually the starting point of the whole process. After the arrest, the warrant will be canceled or sealed by the court, only then can the record be released. So what does a Warrant mean?

A “warrant” is actually an “inchoate power of arrest.” This means a power of arrest that does not have any concrete conditions attached to it. For instance, if a person is arrested for suspicion of rape, and the actual crime for which they were arrested has nothing to do with rape (that is a “hypothetical crime”), then they are still technically under arrest. Therefore, their records would show “warrant of arrest forrape”.

The actual crime that is committed will be stated as “felony arrest with a fixed term”. The arrest will show on their warrant, along with the date and place of arrest, whether or not the person was convicted, and the crime for which they were arrested. If there is not sufficient evidence to arrest and prove a person’s guilt, then the record will also state “felony with no evidence.” This does not necessarily mean that the person was actually convicted of the crime, but it is stating that there was insufficient evidence to arrest.

People who are investigated for a crime may have their constitutional rights violated without even knowing it. Because of this, people who are suspicious of someone having been arrested for any crime, especially warrants, may want to investigate that person further to find out whether they actually have been arrested. This can be done online with various online search engines. By performing a general internet search, anyone who has been arrested will be listed, allowing you to determine whether they were actually investigated.

It is very important to know if a warrant has been issued for your own person. Many times, the government will obtain warrants for people who have not broken any laws, such as possessing pot. However, if a person has been arrested for possessing pot, then they may have a warrant out for their arrest. To learn more about obtaining your own warrant, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Warrant records are one of the most important ways to find out if someone has been legally convicted of a crime, including felony charges. These criminal records can show a person’s entire criminal history, as well as his past and present employment. Therefore, it can be vital to know if a person has any prior arrests for crimes such as theft, DUI, sexual offenses, domestic violence, kidnapping, or fraud. If you are in need of hiring a new employee, then you should be sure to check the person’s background before hiring them.