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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1103)Bowie County Police Departments
City Of Hooks Police Department-Dod603 East Avenue AHooksTX75561903-547-2222
Bowie County Police Departments
City of Wake Village624 Burma RoadWake VillageTX75501903-838-0515
De Kalb Police Department110 East Grizzly DriveDe KalbTX75559903-667-2095
De Kalb Police Department101 Southwest Maple StreetDe KalbTX75559903-667-2095
Liberty-Eylau Independent School District Police Department2901 Leopard DriveTexarkanaTX75501903-832-1535
Maud Police Department135 Main StreetMaudTX75567903-585-5004
Nash Police Department119 Elm StreetNashTX75569903-838-0822
New Boston Police Department108 North Center StreetNew BostonTX75570903-628-3771
Texarkana Independent School District Police Department4241 Summerhill RoadTexarkanaTX75503903-792-4658
Texarkana Police Department100 North State Line AvenueTexarkanaTX75501903-798-3130
Texas A And M University -Texarkana Campus Police2600 North Robison RoadTexarkanaTX75501903-223-3114
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 1 District B Sergeant 01516 Hampton RoadTexarkanaTX75503903-792-0491
Wake Village Police Department624 Burma RoadWake VillageTX75501903-838-5580
Bowie County Sheriff Departments
Bowie County Sheriff's Office1000 James Bowie DriveNew BostonTX75570903-628-6818
Bowie County Sheriffs Office100 North State Line AvenueTexarkanaTX75501903-798-3149
Bowie County Probation Department
Bowie County Probation Department601 Main StreetTexarkanaTX75501903-791-1707
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How Do I Access Public Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Bowie County Texas are public information and they are available to the public. You can get this information from the City of Bowie or you can even search online for it. It is not unusual for someone that has been arrested for a DWI or other criminal offense in the city of Bowie, Texas, to be able to find out their warrant for arrest online. This is because any person that is a suspect in any type of investigation will have their warrant issued to the local police department and then turned over to the Texas State Police so that the person can be searched.

The only reason you would want to search for this type of record is if you have a person that you are curious about having a warrant for arrest issued against them. This is most likely something that you would want to know before your neighbor lets you know that they saw your neighbor walking outside with their shirt off and smelling like alcohol. You also might want to hire a friend on the weekends to drive your child around and they might not be too keen on you knowing that they have a warrant out for their arrest. If you are hiring someone to care for your children and you are worried that they may be arrested for DWI or another crime, then you will need to know the full details of their background. Warrant records are not always available online, but you can find information about a specific person by typing in their full legal name and using the search option on Google.

There are a few different ways that you can access these records. You can go to the courthouse where the person was born or where they were born. Most of these records are kept in the same place as you were born. They are then transferred to the Texas State Department of Public Safety’s website for storage purposes. You can also request a copy of someone’s criminal record from the DPS website, but this may take some time. There are also several different websites that offer to give you a free criminal record check if you simply ask for their website.

The best way to find out if you have a warrant is to visit the courthouse where the person was arrested. You will need to fill out an application with the clerk who will then process the request. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest then the clerk may be able to tell you how to get the information. In many cases you will not be allowed to actually see the record until the judge decides whether or not you have a right to it.

Keep in mind that warrants are just an indication that there is a pending criminal case against a person. The actual details will have to come up through court dates and other legal processes. In many cases a warrant will be issued while the person is still in jail awaiting trials. If you want to get your criminal record expunged then you will have to petition the court to have it sealed from public view.

To get a detailed record of a person’s criminal record you will need to hire a private investigator. You will pay an agency about two hundred dollars for each search. If you want to do an entire record check then you will have to pay about ten thousand dollars. Although the expense can seem excessive for some it is still cheaper than having to hire a public defender to represent you in court. In some states, being found guilty of a felony can lead to a lifetime record of felony charges and even heavy fines.