Parker County Texas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1915)Parker County Police Departments
Aledo Independent School District Police Department1000 Bailey Ranch RoadAledoTX76008817-441-5147
Parker County Police Departments
Hudson Oaks Police Department150 North Oakridge DriveHudson OaksTX76087817-596-8829
Reno Police Department195 West Reno RoadAzleTX76020817-221-2500
Springtown Police Department220 Hilltop DriveSpringtownTX76082817-220-0828
Weatherford College Police Department301 College Park DriveWeatherfordTX76086817-594-1731
Weatherford Police Department801 Santa Fe DriveWeatherfordTX76086817-598-4310
Willow Park Police Department101 West Stage Coach TrailWillow ParkTX76087817-441-9747
Parker County Sheriff Department
Parker County Sheriffs Department / Parker County Jail129 Hogle StreetWeatherfordTX76086817-594-8845
Parker County Probation Department
Parker County Probation Department10 Throckmorton StreetWeatherfordTX76086817-594-2313
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The Basics of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Parker County Texas are an important component of the public records database. They serve as the link between a person’s criminal records and their civil status and are accessible by any member of the public. You can get this information from county courthouses or through Texas court records offices. These records are considered public information and are open to the public.

This information is considered private, however, and the requirements for requesting them vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. People generally access these records to check on someone’s background and to gather information about a prospective employee or spouse. Sometimes employers run a background check before hiring someone and sometimes they do not. When it comes to checking up on a potential spouse, some people use the records to see if they have a history of lying.

In Texas, a Search Warrant allows one to obtain certain information about a person. Permission is usually granted by a judge upon demand or upon discovery. The warrant states the facts that should be investigated and the person targeted may be required to come before a judge. It gives further information about the subjects involved, including their date of birth, address history, names of immediate family members, and other relevant information. The warrant also states what should be done if the person does not meet the requirements.

Warrant records can be searched online through the Texas Vital Statistics Office website. These records are also available in some local courts, sheriff’s offices and Texas Department of Public Safety websites. If you are looking up a person’s records, you will most likely be requested to pay a fee because of the amount of information that is required. In most cases, the minimal fee is nothing compared to the convenience and peace of mind that these records provide.

Searching for information on a person is quite simple. You will usually just need their name and a last name. You can find information about a person by using any major search engine by typing in these details. If the person’s name has been submitted to the internet by another person, there is a good chance that the search engines will have the data that you require.

Warrant records are public information. Therefore they are widely used by various government and law enforcement agencies for a variety of purposes including locating someone who has been convicted of a crime, conducting an investigative operation, or catching someone who is illegally carrying a weapon. By using a warrant, they can secretly stop and take someone into custody without having to go through a lengthy legal proceeding.