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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1976)Swisher County Police Departments
Kress Police Department308 Skipworth AvenueKressTX79052806-684-2440
Swisher County Police Departments
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 5 District B Sergeant 0 Area 7310 West Broadway AvenueTuliaTX79088806-995-4403
Tulia Police Department201 North Maxwell AvenueTuliaTX79088806-995-3555
Swisher County Sheriff Department
Swisher County Sheriffs Office / Swisher County Jail136 East Broadway AvenueTuliaTX79088806-995-3326
Swisher County Probation Departments
Swisher County Probation Department119 South Maxwell AvenueTuliaTX79088806-995-3419
Castro County Probation Department119 South Maxwell AvenueTuliaTX79088806-995-3419
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Texas Vital Records – How To Find Out A Warrant Record

You can access Texas Vital Records by searching the Swisher County Texas Record Registry for a copy of your own Texas Warrant Records. Warrant Records in Swisher County Texas are kept in an archive folder which is known as the Swisher County Records. These are accessible through the Texas Vital Records website. There are different formats and options that are available with this online service. These include but not limited to, scanned and electronic versions.

Warrant Records in Texas are a part of the general public domain. This means that anyone who is entitled to have access to this information can have it. In order to access this information you need to be a registered member of the Texas Vital Records website. To be granted access to such records, one needs to pay for it. If one is not a current member of the website then you will not be able to access this vital information for free.

The cost of getting warrant records does vary from one provider to another. One may charge a fee of $15 while others do not charge any fees for accessing the records. Before choosing which provider to use, you should search on the Internet to find out who offers the best rates and services. This will help you to find the most affordable service. There are certain things that you need to consider when choosing a service provider.

The information that you get will include the person’s name, birth date, physical description, present address and any warrants issued against them. In addition to this one will be provided with the case number and nature of the warrant that was issued. You should expect to receive basic information such as the person’s name, birth date, physical description, and any warrants issued against them. Warrant Records in Texas do not include bank account details or social security numbers.

This type of records can be used for a variety of legal purposes such as doing a background check on someone. By obtaining access to these records you can find out what financial troubles the person is having and it would also give you enough time to think about whether to hire them or not. This is because the person you are checking out may have a warrant out for their arrest and hence it is important to know how much evidence you need before employing them.

There are different documents that one requires to obtain a warrant. The first one is the writ of entry and it is commonly used when a person is suspected of any crime. The next one is called an arrest warrant and it is issued by the court if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the accused person has committed a criminal offense. These two are the main types of warrants that one obtains.