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(1168)Calhoun County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Calhoun County Sheriffs Department120 Mill StreetSt. MatthewsSC29135803-874-2741
Calhoun County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Calhoun Probation Parole Prdn120 Mill StreetSt. MatthewsSC29135803-874-2537
Cameron Police Department204 Boyce Lawton DriveCameronSC29030803-823-2145
Saint Matthews Police Department1313 Bridge StreetSt. MatthewsSC29135803-874-2131
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Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public information, recorded by the local or state government, made as a precondition to a judicial proceeding. Warrant Records have been made public for use as a source of information since 1761. It was first used for law enforcement purposes and to assist in court cases such as arrest and prosecution. These records have been used as a way to keep track of people charged with criminal activities such as theft, assault, murder, robbery and more.

Warrant Records in Calhoun County, South Carolina are considered public record. However, this does not mean that anyone can look them up. A resident who is interested in getting warrants must request the records from the courts. This information will then be filed along with other public records. It can be obtained from the courthouses of Davidson, Trousdale and Russellville.

It is important to note that these records are not public property. They are kept in digital format and can only be viewed by an authorized employee of the courts or law enforcement agencies. Performing a search requires a nominal fee. Records are maintained on computerized databases. A person can access this database via Internet, by requesting it from the courts, or by personally visiting the courthouse. Another alternative is to go through the county sheriff’s department.

When searching for a person’s criminal records, it is necessary to be aware that not all states allow searching through their criminal history. Only three states offer this information free-of-charge: Arizona, Kansas and Utah. To locate Arizona or Kansas, you will need to visit the Department of Public Safety in each state. To retrieve Arizona records, you must visit the comercial website of the Arizona State Record Office. To retrieve Utah records, you will have to visit the Salt Lake City Clerk’s Office. Both websites allow you to access a person’s warrant record without paying any fee.

Warrant records can be helpful in many circumstances, such as identity theft, employer screening, background checks, and pre-employment purposes. Also, they can prevent the apprehension of criminals through their information. For instance, a wanted person may be able to elude capture due to his or her outstanding warrant. It is for this reason that warrant searches are often used by law enforcement authorities to perform a sting operation.

What is a warrant? Warrants are issued when a judge has probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime, either by his or her presence in the country, or under the jurisdiction of another government agency. An arrest warrant is an arrest that has been made based on the fact that a person has committed a specific crime. The person who is accused of the crime can challenge the arrest warrant, at which time the presiding court will issue a writ of mandamus. Once an arrest warrant is issued, it remains active until it is canceled by a judge or the requesting party.