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(1363)Lancaster County Police Departments
Lancaster Police Department405 East Arch StreetLancasterSC29720803-283-3313
Lancaster County Police Departments
Heath Springs Police Department103 Duncan StreetHeath SpringsSC29058803-273-9366
South Carolina Department Of Public Safety South Carolina Highway Patrol Troop 4 Post D - Headquarters1710 Pageland HighwayLancasterSC29720803-283-8585
Lancaster County Sheriff Departments
Lancaster County Sheriffs Department - Kershaw Substation135 Hampton StreetKershawSC29067803-283-3388
Lancaster County Sheriffs Office / Lancaster County Detention Center1941 Pageland HighwayLancasterSC29720803-283-3388
Lancaster County Probation Department
Lancaster County Probation Office1926 Pageland HighwayLancasterSC29720803-285-6906
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The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Lancaster County are considered public information, so anyone can view these. These are the basic records that the criminal justice system will look into when a person is being investigated for a crime. So if you want to have peace of mind and know that the person you are dealing with is who they say they are, knowing this information could give you some peace of mind.

There are multiple reasons as to why these records are kept public. Some are for the protection of the general public and others are to protect the criminal element in the country. When a person is arrested for a crime that they may not have committed, their records are supposed to be public record. This will tell the courts, judges and juries who the person is, and will allow them to see if they should release the person or keep them in jail.

The criminal justice system runs the risk of arresting someone and then having to let them go if their records show that they have been in jail and on their probation period. The whole system works to protect everyone. The person does not want to be put behind bars simply because there are too many holes in the docket. By knowing the truth about the person, they can get out of the situation that they were caught in without having to deal with all the complications.

These warrant records are something that can help with background checks. It is very easy for a person to lie about their background, so knowing whether or not a person has a warrant out for their arrest can help you greatly. It will allow you to make better judgment decisions when it comes to letting someone into your home or not. It will also help you to determine if a person is the right person to be around your children while you are away. Not knowing if a warrant is active can give you all kinds of dangerous situations where your safety could be compromised.

There is another benefit as well. If you are not a part of the criminal justice system, you may not realize that you are a victim of warrant searches. They do happen in a lot of cases. If you have ever had someone pull you over and let you search their records without probable cause, you have been searched without your knowledge. This can give you the feeling that the government is running a full background check on you. Knowing this can help you to feel safer while driving, whether you are aware of it or not.

Warrant records are not only important for the criminal justice system, they are also important for individuals. You never know when you might have a warrant out for your arrest. You may just find out that you are going to be a target of a background check when you are at a job interview. Knowing this can help you to make more informed decisions about who you are going to hire. You can find out about any outstanding warrants that are out there by searching online.