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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1772)Shelby County Police Departments
Botkins Police Department207 West South StreetBotkinsOH45306937-693-4341
Shelby County Police Departments
Fort Loramie Police Department14 Elm StreetFort LoramieOH45845937-295-4042
Jackson Center Police Department110 Linden StreetJackson CenterOH45334937-596-6140
Port Jefferson Police Department100 SpringSidneyOH45365937-492-9652
Port Jefferson Police DepartmentSpring StreetPort JeffersonOH45365937-492-9652
Russia Police Department232 West Main StreetRussiaOH45363937-526-4436
Sidney Police Department234 West Court StreetSidneyOH45365937-498-2351
Shelby County Sheriff Department
Shelby County Sheriffs Office / Shelby County Jail555 Gearhart RoadSidneyOH45365937-498-1111
Shelby County Probation Department
Shelby County Probation Department100 East Court StreetSidneyOH45365937-498-7231
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records are a repository of all warrants and arrest warrants that have been issued in the county of Shelby County, Ohio. These records contain such information as a person’s name, current address, date of birth, social security number, aliases, location, and many more. In addition to this, they also show the crime the person is accused of and other relevant information to help solve crimes. This is especially useful for businesses who hire new employees, as well as those who are hiring part time staff.

In general, a person may not know they have a warrant. If they are stopped on suspicion of criminal activity, they will often ask the officer for identification. Instead of producing documentation of their own, they may simply say they don’t know. If a cop searches their own wallet, though, they will find out. Warrant searches can also be done online, and are surprisingly easy to do.

There are also cases when a person does not have any idea they have a warrant for their arrest. They may have a parking ticket, or a similar infraction, but never realize they are in any danger of being arrested for it. Warrant records make sure that these situations are avoided.

When a warrant is issued, the name of the person who owns it is entered into the court system. In some counties, this is done electronically. In other counties, an agent is sent out to personally serve the warrant. In the rest of the county, the person’s name and the warrant are recorded in the court’s database. From there, the agent can search the database and see if there is a warrant for the person’s arrest.

Warrant records can be accessed online. This allows a person to see their own records, and also see others’. This can be very useful if a person wants to check up on someone else, and can’t always get the person’s full details.

Warrant searches are not only legal, they are also a safeguard. A person who does not have any idea they have been arrested can use this type of search to know if they are in danger. They may be able to avoid any legal trouble that may come their way, and also make sure the person they are suspicious of is actually behind the wheel. There are many different types of reasons for using a warrant search. Some of the most common ones include hunting, protecting your children, and catching a suspect in the act of a crime.