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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1615)Jefferson County Police Departments
Adena Police Department170 West Main StreetAdenaOH43901740-546-3211
Jefferson County Police Departments
Bergholz Police Department254 2nd StreetBergholzOH43908740-768-2200
Bloomingdale Police Department101 East Steubenville StreetBloomingdaleOH43910740-944-1623
Cross Creek Township Police Department251 Airport RoadTorontoOH43964740-264-0131
Cross Creek Township Police Department600 Airport RoadWintersvilleOH43953740-264-0131
Dillonvale Police Department135 School StreetDillonvaleOH43917740-769-2170
Empire Police Department151 Nessley StreetEmpireOH43926740-537-1802
Mingo Junction Police Department501 Commercial StreetMingo JunctionOH43938740-535-1113
Mount Pleasant Police Department154 Concord StreetMount PleasantOH43939740-769-2603
New Alexandria Police Department501 Commercial StreetMingo JunctionOH43938740-598-3588
Ohio State Highway Patrol - Steubenville Patrol Post 411377 Cadiz RoadSteubenvilleOH43953740-264-1641
Rayland Police Department195 Main StreetRaylandOH43943740-859-6278
Richmond Police Department37 West Main StreetRichmondOH43944740-765-5372
Saline Township Police DepartmentCounty Highway 50 AHammondsvilleOH43932330-532-1675
Saline Township Police Department164 County Road 50HammondsvilleOH43930330-532-1675
Smithfield Police Department1347 Main StreetSmithfieldOH43948740-733-7815
Steubenville Police Department123 South 3rd StreetSteubenvilleOH43952740-283-6000
Stratton Police Department36 3rd AvenueStrattonOH43971740-537-1524
Stratton Police Department136 3rd AvenueStrattonOH43961
Tiltonsville Police Department222 Grandview AvenueTiltonsvilleOH43963740-859-2730
Tiltonsville Police Department123 Grandview AvenueTiltonsvilleOH43963740-859-2730
Toronto Police Department309 North 5th StreetTorontoOH43964740-537-1591
Toronto Police Department305 North 5th StreetTorontoOH43964
Wayne Township Police Department188 Rainbow DriveBloomingdaleOH43910740-264-5932
Wells Township Police Department409 Prospect StreetBrilliantOH43913740-598-9602
Wintersville Police Department200 Grove StreetSteubenvilleOH43953740-264-5507
Yorkville Police Department139 Market StreetYorkvilleOH43971740-859-2947
Jefferson County Sheriff Departments
Jefferson County Sheriffs Office / Jefferson County Jail16001 Ohio 7SteubenvilleOH43952740-283-8600
Hancock County Sheriff's Office102 North Court StreetSteubenvilleOH43952304-564-4068
Jefferson County Probation Department
Jefferson County Probation Department301 Market StreetSteubenvilleOH43952740-283-8503
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Warrant Records Search

What are warrants? Warrants are court orders that allow law enforcement officials to arrest a person for a specified crime, or let them into premises to execute a warrant. A warrant does not have to bear issued by a judge. Anyone can apply for a warrant either with their name, address, or no information at all.

Who gets arrested for warrants? Anyone can be arrested for warrant violations, even if they haven’t been accused of a crime. Warrant searches are used for a variety of purposes, such as investigating the activities of a missing child or stopping a drunk driver. Warrants can also be used to aid undercover police officers in catching people involved in illegal activities.

How are warrants stored? Warrant records are kept in two places: with state and federal records. Information from federal databases is more current than state records because federal databases are regularly updated. States usually update their records at certain intervals, such as once a year. The only exception is if the person’s whereabouts is unknown (as in the case of someone serving time for an outstanding warrant), then the state records are used instead.

How are warrant records found? Warrant records can be searched in a number of ways, including the local police department in your area or via the Internet. Most county courthouse websites offer warrant searches online. You can usually find information about a person’s record at the courthouse’s website, or search the records yourself using an online database.

How are records categorized? Records are sometimes grouped based on the person’s name, complete with details such as the address and employer. Other times, records are classified by location, date of arrest, or offense. In rare cases, some records are kept on file for future reference but have been erased by the person who committed the crime.

Are records free to access? Warrant records are public information. However, you may be able to access more information about a person by requesting an application from the county courthouse, stating why you need the records and containing full particulars of the crime or offense. You may also be able to get a copy of the original document via FAFSA or through an inter-state exchange. Depending on where you live, you should receive your records within five working days, depending on the traffic in your area.

What are the legal restrictions on obtaining a copy of a warrant? Many states severely restrict the types of records that are available to the public. Some states allow limited access to arrest records, while others severely restrict their disclosure even for investigative agencies. If you are in doubt of whether the information is available, contact the clerk of court in your county or state.

Can I get copies of warrant records? Yes, you can obtain copies of any record, even the original. There are laws in many states regarding public access to this type of information. However, it is important to note that even if you can get the records, the copy will not be entirely accurate. The original will be certified and may have additional information on arrest and booking reports.