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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1811)Washington County Police Departments
Belpre Police Department715 Park DriveBelpreOH45714740-423-7631
Washington County Police Departments
Beverly Police Department919 Mitchell AvenueBeverlyOH45715740-984-2611
Lowell Police Department308 Walnut StreetLowellOH45744740-896-2419
Marietta College Police Department127 North 7th StreetMariettaOH45750740-376-4611
Marietta Police Department301 Putnam StreetMariettaOH45750740-376-2007
New Matamoras Police Department800 Grandview AvenueMatamorasOH45767740-865-2124
Ohio State Highway Patrol - 27761 State Route 727761 Ohio 7MariettaOH45750740-374-6616
Washington County Sheriff Departments
Washington County Sheriff's Office205 Putnam StreetMariettaOH45750740-373-6623
Washington County Sheriffs Office309 4th StreetMariettaOH45750740-376-7070
Washington County Probation Department
Washington County Probation Department205 Putnam StreetMariettaOH45750740-373-6623
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Warrant Records Are Important to Protect Your Rights

Warrant Records in Washington County, Ohio are the most comprehensive and accessible legal records in the entire state of Ohio. The term “warrant” is defined as a legal document, such as a summons or order, that gives authority to a judge or other legal authority to take action (either legal or civil) against a person for an alleged violation of a law. While warrants may be filed in several different ways, they generally all serve the same purpose: to give the courts the authority to issue an order that enables someone to be apprehended for the commission of an act that violates the law. A warrant must be signed by a judge and can be based on several different grounds. However, some of the most common reasons for issuing warrants are: investigations into criminal activity, emergency situations, apprehension of suspects for crimes, and the arrest of a person for outstanding warrants.

Warrant Records in Washington County, Ohio are public information. Anyone can search and request a copy of a person’s record using any of the methods that are available to them. However, in some cases a person may be required to appear in court before the courts have the power to release the person’s records. For these reasons, people who are regularly searched for either civil or criminal legal proceedings in the community are advised to consult a professional criminal defense attorney to discuss their options with their local court.

There are three major warrant records databases in Ohio. These are the county’s records, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Federal Fugitives Wing. Each of these has their own procedures for searching a warrant. If a person has a warrant for their arrest, they can usually be tracked through any of the above mentioned sources.

In Washington County, Ohio, warrants are only filed when a person is legally committed to trial or if the charges actually involve breaking the law. This means that warrants will not be issued during minor legal proceedings, or after a person has been released from jail after being given notice of their impending trial. Likewise, a warrant will most likely be denied if the person has not yet been charged with a crime. Warrant searches are only possible when there is “probable cause” to believe that a person is committing a crime, and if there is a “specific connection” between the suspect and the legal proceeding in question.

The process of obtaining warrants in any of the above-mentioned legal jurisdictions begins with an application. A person wishing to track their own records will need to meet certain requirements, and will likely have to pay a reasonable amount for the information they require. Those who are suspected of wrongdoing but do not actually commit any crime are not required to disclose their status in order to obtain a warrant; however, they are obligated to inform anyone who may be investigating them of this information.

Warrant records are one of the best ways to track down someone who may have outstanding warrants out for their arrest. However, since obtaining a warrant can often take months, sometimes years, it is often worth the small cost involved in doing so. People who are accused of crimes but do not actually commit them are often times released from jail while their case is pending, and are then placed on probation. If they are caught again, once their probation is completed, they may be forced to return to jail. Therefore, the knowledge that a warrant exists for their arrest can help to greatly reduce the risk of them showing up to court.

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