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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1704)Mercer County Police Departments
Celina Police Department202 North Main StreetCelinaOH45822419-586-2345
Mercer County Police Departments
Coldwater Police Department303 West Main StreetColdwaterOH45828419-678-2356
Fort Recovery Village Police Department201 South Main StreetFort RecoveryOH45846419-375-2662
Rockford Village Police Department151 Columbia StreetRockfordOH45882419-363-3032
Saint Henry Police Department121 West Washington StreetSt. HenryOH45883419-678-4141
Village of Rockford Police Department142 North Main StreetRockfordOH45882419-363-3215
Mercer County Sheriff Department
Mercer County Sheriffs Office / Mercer County Jail125 West Livingston StreetCelinaOH45822419-586-7724
Mercer County Probation Department
Mercer County Probation Department101 North Main StreetCelinaOH45822419-586-5870
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What is a Warrant?

Warrant Records are basically court orders that allow a government official to have access to the arrest of a person. This is basically to prevent the accused from escaping the arrest. When these warrants are carried out, they are sealed by the courts and can only be released once all the necessary paperwork have been filed. Therefore it is always safe to assume that you do not need to look at this kind of record. However, it is wise to keep yourself informed about what these types of warrants are, in case you ever face such a situation.

When a warrant is issued, it is usually mentioned in the local newspaper. You should take note that warrants are public documents and anyone can get access to them. So you should try to find out as much information as possible about the warrant that was issued on the person you were arresting. Warrant records contain all the information regarding the arrest of a person and this includes the crime that he has committed as well as the exact date that he was arrested.

In case you are searching for warrant records online, it is better to conduct your search from a website that maintains these records. It will save you time and money and most of the websites maintain these records online for free. All you have to do is enter the information required and you will soon see a comprehensive result page. After entering the details, you will get your results instantly. There are different websites that deal with warrants; however, you must be sure to choose one that is reliable.

The first thing that you should do when you have been arrested is to consult a lawyer. He will be able to tell you whether you should disclose any details about the warrant. You should keep in mind that if you disclose any details, then your lawyer may be questioned regarding why you did so. For instance, if you tell someone that you were arrested because of suspicion of carrying drugs, then he may question you about whether the reason that you gave him was true. Therefore it is better to use discretion while giving out any information.

Warrant records can include various bits of information. First, the date of the arrest, the location of the arrest, the name of the arresting officer, the reasons for arrest, evidence presented against the arrested person, and the other details pertaining to the warrant. These will usually include the name, address, employer, and social security number of the suspect. However, there are certain states that do not require these details. Warrant searches can also include photographs of the arrested person and other relevant details.

Before executing the warrant, it is important that you inform the person in advance. This will help prevent any problem later on. Moreover, you should make sure that you execute the warrant carefully. If you carry out the warrant without consulting the person in question, then it is considered as a violation. Therefore, never attempt to execute a warrant unless you know that the person to be arrested has consented to the warrant.