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Concordia Parish Probation Department7 Carter StreetVidaliaLA71373318-336-5231
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Concordia Parish Criminal Records
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(2271)Concordia Parish Police Departments
Clayton Police Department101 Shady LaneClaytonLA71326318-757-8540
Concordia Parish Police Departments
Ferriday Police Department1302 EE Wallace BoulevardFerridayLA71334318-757-3606
Ridgecrest Police Department116 Foster DriveRidgecrestLA71334318-757-4497
Vidalia Police Department602 John Dale DriveVidaliaLA71373318-336-5254
Concordia Parish Sheriff Departments
Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office6 Carter StreetVidaliaLA71373318-336-5231
Concordia Parish Sheriffs Department / Concordia Parish Jail4001 Carter StreetVidaliaLA71373318-336-5231
Concordia Parish Probation Department

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Warrant Records in Concordia Parish Louisiana are a part of public records. This is the most basic information that you will be able to get about a person. If you have been arrested, there will be some warrants out for your arrest. Warrant records will let you know who it was that arrested you.

You may wonder how many warrants are out for your arrest. The answer to this question will depend on the town or parish that you live in. Many times these records will not show up on your radar until you do something criminal or not right. The warrants for your arrest are listed in the County Court House or Criminal Records. The records will let you know that a warrant is out for your arrest on a certain day.

Searching these records can become a difficult task to accomplish. The only good place to start is with your local police department. There they will have all of the information that you will need to know about a person.

When searching for warrants online, the best place to start is at your local courthouse. You will want to find out what a warrant is and then check each record to see if it has been lifted or if it still exists. If you do not know where the person’s warrant is, you may want to ask that person directly. They should be able to give you that information. A police department will usually not be able to tell you how to get a warrant records.

There are many reasons for a warrant. It may be out for someone who is involved in crime such as theft. Another reason for a warrant may be if someone has outstanding traffic tickets. The courts can issue warrants for any reason that they feel like. They are not always due until someone is arrested and tried.

To keep track of your warrant records, you will need to obtain an arrest warrant application from the courthouse that you would like to search. You will also need to fill out an Affidavit of Intended Arrest, which states why you want the warrant. After you complete the Warrant Application, you will need to pay a nominal fee. The fee will help you pay the clerk who is processing your request. The information is typically provided within a few days.