Warren County Kentucky Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2767)Warren County Police Departments
Bowling Green -Warren County Drug Task Force1 East 10th AvenueBowling GreenKY42101270-843-5343
Warren County Police Departments
Warren County Constables429 East 10th AvenueBowling GreenKY42101270-842-1633
Warren County Regional Jail920 Kentucky StreetBowling GreenKY42101270-843-4606
Bowling Green Police Department911 Kentucky StreetBowling GreenKY42101270-393-4244
Kentucky State Police - Post 33119 Nashville RoadBowling GreenKY42101270-782-2010
Smiths Grove Police Department146 South Main StreetSmiths GroveKY42171270-563-4014
Western Kentucky University Police Department1906 College Heights BoulevardBowling GreenKY42101270-745-2548
Warren County Sheriff Department
Warren County Sheriffs Office429 East 10th AvenueBowling GreenKY42101270-842-1633
Warren County FBI Office
Bowling Green Kentucky FBI Office996 Wilkinson TraceBowling GreenKY42103270-781-4734
Warren County Probation Department
Edmonson County Probation Department140 Old Porter PikeBowling GreenKY42103270-746-7420
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What Does a Warrant Search Look Like?

Warrant records are one of the more sensitive and important types of public records that are kept by government agencies. A person’s civil status is determined based on whether or not they have been arrested for a crime, and warrants can be issued for arrests. These records can tell a lot about a person’s past, including any warrants they may have had as well as any other infractions that have happened.

What is involved in getting warrant records? The process is relatively simple. When a person’s name is put into a national database, the person’s record is available to anyone. This can help with the verification of a background check, but it is not a substitute for hiring a private detective. If a person has been convicted of a crime, their criminal record will appear on the Internet as well. If this has happened to you, it is possible that there are additional warrant records out there based on the records you have obtained.

What information does a background check include? In many instances, a search of a person’s warrant records will provide you with much more than just the person’s name. Details about a person’s court history, aliases, phone numbers, marriage records, location data, and more can all be obtained. In some cases, this kind of lookup can be conducted on an individual based solely on information found in the person’s computer. Any files on the person’s hard drive, such as photos and videos, can be accessed through a simple online search. Even bank account numbers, aliases, and phone numbers can be provided from these records.

How do these records get online? Warrant records can be obtained from local police departments or from federal agencies, such as the FBI, through a number of different methods. The records can be obtained through state or federal offices, which may require a formal request. The records can also be searched using an online submission form. Most of these searches can be done completely discreetly.

Can my background check help me find out about my neighbors or spouse? Warrant records online can be used to quickly and easily identify criminal activity in your neighborhood, by neighborhood, or even by city block. You can look up a person’s background history to learn about their past, learn about potential neighbors or spouses, or determine whether a business associate is trustworthy.

What can a person do if I want to access warrant records? If you need to access the full report on a person’s background, you can perform a comprehensive search. However, most people don’t want to make the trip to a library or other such institution just to obtain the information they need. Because of this, many online records providers offer a wide array of options, allowing people to access detailed information about a person.