Kenton County Kentucky Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2451)Kenton County Police Departments
Kenton County Police Department11777 Madison PikeIndependenceKY41051859-392-1940
Kenton County Police Departments
Covington Police Department - Substation4 West Southern AvenueCovingtonKY41015859-292-2222
Crescent Springs Police Department739 Buttermilk PikeCrescent SpringsKY41017859-727-6444
Edgewood Police Department385 Dudley RoadEdgewoodKY41017859-331-5911
Elsmere Police Department4501 Dixie HighwayElsmereKY41018859-342-7344
Erlanger Police Department505 Commonwealth AvenueErlangerKY41018859-727-2424
Erlanger Police Department - North Substation739 Buttermilk PikeCrescent SpringsKY41017859-341-3018
Fort Mitchell Police Department2355 Dixie HighwayFort MitchellKY41017859-331-2823
Fort Wright Police Department409 Kyles LaneFort WrightKY41011859-331-2191
Independence Police Department5272 Madison PikeIndependenceKY41051859-356-2697
Independence Police Department5409 Madison PikeIndependenceKY41051859-356-2697
Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills Police Department40 Crestview Hills Mall RoadCrestview HillsKY41017859-331-5368
Ludlow Police Department231 Elm StreetLudlowKY41016859-261-8186
Ludlow Police Department51 Elm StreetLudlowKY41016859-261-8186
Park Hills Police Department1106 Amsterdam RoadPark HillsKY41011859-431-6172
Springfield Police Department1 Police Memorial DriveCovingtonKY41014859-336-5450
Taylor Mill Police Department5227 Taylor Mill RoadTaylor MillKY41015859-581-1192
Taylor Mill Police Department5225 Taylor Mill RoadTaylor MillKY41015859-581-1192
Villa Hills Police Department719 Rogers RoadVilla HillsKY41017859-341-3535
Kenton County Sheriff Department
Kenton County Sheriffs Department303 Court StreetCovingtonKY41011859-392-1800
Kenton County FBI Offices
Fort Mitchell Kentucky FBI Office2220 Grandview DriveFort MitchellKY41017859-341-3901
Fort Mitchell Kentucky FBI Office220 Grandview DriveFort MitchellKY41017859-426-6600
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How to Conduct a Criminal Records Check on Someone Using Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Kenton County, Kentucky are similar to those of other counties in that they contain all felony and misdemeanor arrests and charges as well as the disposition of the case. You can also look up your county’s website to find out more about the status of warrants and arrests that have been filed against a person. Performing a background check is not easy when it comes to doing background searches on people but there are many online websites that can make this task much easier.

Warrant Records in Kenton County contain information such as the name of the person arrested, their crime, date of arrest, location of arrest, booking mug shot if applicable, fingerprints taken by police, and other relevant information regarding the arrest. In addition, there will be a detailed description of the crime the person has been charged with along with the charges. It is even possible to get more information than simply the names listed above if you pay a small fee. This type of criminal background search can provide you with the following data: age, sex, current address, past address, employment history, family members, criminal record checks, parole records, and so much more.

If you run an internet search for a person’s warrant records in Kentucky, you will find that the process is relatively simple and straightforward. The first step you will have to take to perform a warrant search is to find the specific details about the arrest, including the name of the person and any warrants issued for their arrest. If you know the specific name of the person who was arrested then you can type this into any major search engine. For example, if you entered “Amaracio del Rosario Jr.” into Google you will get a comprehensive result page listing all of his arrest records.

Once you have found the specific record for your person, you can then enter additional information that pertains to the warrant. For instance, you will need to provide the court where the warrant was filed, the date of issuance, and the jurisdiction. Additional information you might want to include is the crime that the warrant was executed for, the crime committed, defendant’s last known address, and whether bail was posted or not. This last bit of information is very important as it will tell the retrieval service what kind of results you should expect when you submit this type of request.

You will find that there are two different types of online warrant records services. The first is the free-of-charge records search sites. These sites allow you to freely access their databases, which contain public arrest records. While these are actually fairly easy to operate, you will likely come across some frustrating information obstructing your search. That said, there are also quite a few helpful sites offering to assist you in your search.

The second way to perform a search is the subscription based records service. By paying a small fee each time you wish to do an online warrant records search, you can be reasonably assured that you will get all of the information you need and all of the data that you are seeking. In addition, since the records are collected from a large database, they are frequently updated and have a better chance of being accurate than a free-of-charge service. If you wish to access the public arrest record database for free, simply search the Internet for terms such as “warrant search,” “criminal history background check,” or “court records.”