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(2500)Lee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lee County Sheriffs Office256 West Main StreetBeattyvilleKY41311606-464-4120
Lee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Beattyville Police Department61 River DriveBeattyvilleKY41311606-464-5030
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Performing a Warrant Records Search Online

Warrant Records are a legal document, issued by a court, stating that a person has committed a crime or is charged with a crime. They are used to aid the police in executing a search warrant and to ensure that laws are being strictly observed. Warrant records are considered public information because they are created as a public record. The courts have the authority to maintain and enforce these records. Any information which is derived from a criminal record is kept in these records. They are also used for immigration purposes, to check if the person has been convicted of a crime that is not allowed in the country, to protect children from sexual offenders, and for the protection of business owners from harm.

There are different records which are maintained by the local or state government. The federal government does not maintain these records. This is one reason why the information is not available for free. A person can only get access to the information by paying a nominal fee which is not more than $25.

Warrant Records in Lee County Kentucky include violations, arrests, convictions, warrants, release orders, sentences, history, background checks, and parole notices. It is possible to get a copy of a warrant, if the person knows where the warrant is. This can be very useful when you have been a victim of a crime. The warrant can be used to locate and arrest the suspect. When you look for these records online, you will probably be asked to pay a minimal charge for getting access to them. This can be money well spent.

In many instances, these records are also used for background checks. The information which you can obtain includes the person’s date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license number. It is also possible to get marriage records, court records, and bankruptcy information. If you have any questions about a person’s history, these services can answer them for you.

Performing a search on your own is always an option, but it can be difficult. You can also hire a private investigator to perform the search for you. However, this service can be very expensive. There is no way to know the exact value of a person’s warrant unless you actually know where it is or what the person was doing when it was issued.

One way around the problem of obtaining personal records without a warrant is to simply hire a professional search firm. These companies do all the work for you. They first determine if the person’s warrant exists. Then they check with the local courthouse to see if there is one. If the warrant is there, they make sure to update you with the details. If the person’s warrant is not active anymore, the company sends out a press release to the media about your search.