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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2455)Laurel County Police Departments
Laurel County Constable - District 5305 South Main StreetLondonKY40741606-330-2079
Laurel County Police Departments
Kentucky State Police - Post 1111 State Police RoadLondonKY40741606-878-6622
London Police Department503 South Main StreetLondonKY40741606-878-7004
Laurel County Sheriff Department
Laurel County Sheriffs Department203 South Broad StreetLondonKY40741606-864-6600
Laurel County FBI Office
London Kentucky FBI Office201 County Extension RoadLondonKY40741606-878-8922
Laurel County Probation Department
Laurel County Probation Department105 West 5th StreetLondonKY40741606-330-2045
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How Can I Find Out More About Warrant Records?

What are the different types of warrants that can be found in Laurel County, Kentucky? A warrant is an official document that is granted by a judge allowing someone to have access to a person’s property or anything else that may be detained. Warrants are typically used when there is suspicion that a person has committed a crime and that they should be arrested for that crime. Warrants can be issued by judges in the court of peace or in a court of criminal appeals. Warrants can also be granted by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Kentucky or in any other court that requires it.

Warrants can be very important. A search of a person’s name can reveal someones legal past and any warrants that may be outstanding. In some cases, records can be cleared or sealed by a court due to expungement. Searching through a person’s record can help provide peace of mind to people who may feel uncomfortable about the people they associate with or know personally.

How are warrant records searched for? Warrants can be requested through several ways. Information about a person can be requested directly from the courthouse in the county the person lives or has lived in. There are online services that can be accessed through a warrant service that will provide a search report. These reports will contain any information about the person such as their full names, date of birth, social security number, date of arrest or citation and more.

The other way a person can request their own records is by requesting the records of someone else. This can be done through contacting the clerk of courts where the person lives, or by submitting a written request to the court that issued the warrant. In order to find this information, a person can visit their local courthouse and look through the records of someone who is in the same location. This can be a very useful way to learn more information about a person.

Warrant records are not always easy to obtain, but if a person is willing to put in some effort, they can find it. If the person does their research and does not find any results, they should consider using an online service that can help them get the information they need. These services will give people access to public records that are maintained in different states and districts. This can allow people to dig up information that is not readily available.

There is still more to learn about warrant records. A warrant is simply a legal document that allows police officers to take a person into custody without justifiable reason. It does not have to show that the person was convicted of wrongdoing. In fact, warrant records are kept in various formats so that police officers and other law enforcement officials can access them. By learning more about the warrant, a person can help to keep themselves and their family safe.