Sedgwick County Kansas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2750)Sedgwick County Police Departments
Sedgwick County Courthouse Security525 North Main StreetWichitaKS67203316-660-7782
Sedgwick County Police Departments
Andale Police Department326 Main StreetAndaleKS67001316-444-2461
Andale Police Department304 Main StreetAndaleKS67001316-444-2351
Bel Aire Police Department7651 East Central Park AvenueBel AireKS67226316-744-6000
Bentley Police Department150 South Wichita StreetBentleyKS67016316-796-1178
Cheney Police Department131 North Main StreetCheneyKS67025316-542-3173
Cheney Police Department101 West 1st AvenueCheneyKS67025316-542-3173
Clearwater Police Department129 Ross AvenueClearwaterKS67026620-584-2311
Colwich Police Department310 South 2nd StreetColwichKS67030316-796-0333
Derby Police Department229 North Baltimore AvenueDerbyKS67037316-788-1557
Eastborough City Hall1 East Douglas AvenueEastboroughKS67207316-682-4111
Eastborough Police Department618 1/2 East Douglas AvenueWichitaKS67202316-682-4111
Garden Plain Police Department509 North Main StreetGarden PlainKS67050316-531-2222
Goddard Police Department118 North Main StreetGoddardKS67052316-794-2051
Goddard United School District 265 Police Department201 South Main StreetGoddardKS67052316-794-4000
Haysville Police Department200 West Grand AvenueHaysvilleKS67060316-529-5911
Kansas Bureau Of Investigation130 South Market StreetWichitaKS67202316-337-6100
Kansas Highway Patrol Troop F - Headquarters3200 East 45th Street NorthWichitaKS67219316-744-0451
Kechi Police Department105 Sioux StreetKechiKS67067316-744-6611
Maize Police Department123 South Khedive StreetMaizeKS67101316-722-1433
Maize Police Department10100 Grady AvenueMaizeKS67101316-722-1433
Maize Unified School District Number 266 Police Department11600 West 45th Street NorthMaizeKS67101316-773-1674
Mount Hope Police Department112 West Main StreetMount HopeKS67108316-661-2213
Mulvane Police Department211 North 2nd AvenueMulvaneKS67110316-777-4262
Park City Police Department6110 North Hydraulic StreetParkKS67219316-744-2012
Valley Center Police Department616 East 5th StreetValley CenterKS67147316-755-7325
Wichita Airport Authority Safety Department2193 South Air Cargo RoadWichitaKS67209316-946-4740
Wichita Police Department - East350 South Edgemoor StreetWichitaKS67218316-688-9300
Wichita Police Department - Headquarters455 North Main StreetWichitaKS67202316-268-4111
Wichita Police Department - North3015 East 21st Street NorthWichitaKS67214316-688-9500
Wichita Police Department - South211 East Pawnee StreetWichitaKS67211316-337-9200
Wichita Police Department - West661 North Elder StreetWichitaKS67212316-337-9400
Wichita State University Police Department1845 Fairmount StreetWichitaKS67260316-978-3450
Sedgwick County Sheriff Department
Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office / Sedgwick County Detention Center141 West Elm StreetWichitaKS67203316-383-7264
Sedgwick County DEA Office
Wichita Kansas DEA Office1919 North Amidon AvenueWichitaKS67203316-838-2500
Sedgwick County FBI Office
Wichita Kansas FBI Office301 North Main StreetWichitaKS67202316-262-0031
Sedgwick County Probation Departments
Sedgwick County Probation Department905 North Main StreetWichitaKS67203316-660-7003
Wichita County Probation Department455 North Main StreetWichitaKS67202316-268-4582
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Sedgwick County Kansas hold many important data that can be used by law officials and others to locate a person. These records contain the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, address history, parole information, background checks, sex offender records, warrant of arrests issued by various police departments and other data that has been submitted by various law enforcement agencies throughout the country on individuals who have been named in warrants. Perpetrated crimes are those that involve illegal activities such as robbery, burglary, assaults, murder, assault and other criminal acts. Warrant records help people and law enforcement officials find and track down those who have been accused of committing these types of crimes.

Warrant Records also include all of the person’s court records, including any prior arrests and proceedings, whether they were criminal or civil. This information enables a judge to verify if a person is legally qualified to stand trial. In addition to this record, warrants will show a person’s present location, current employment and any other location that the person may be known to frequent at this time. The same information will enable law enforcement officials to locate an individual if they are wanted for any reason.

All of the information contained in a person’s warrant records is public. Anyone can obtain this information free of charge. There are a few restrictions placed on the distribution of warrant records. They must remain sealed to the public. They can be freely obtained from the Sedgwick County Court Records office for anyone who needs them. Perpetrated crimes are still considered to be public information so any information about them is also available to the public.

Warrant records contain a persons criminal history. They will contain the persons full name, date of birth, social security number, address history, warrant of arrest issued by various law enforcement agencies throughout the country, employer, past and present addresses, phone numbers and date of employment. A sex offender record can also be obtained through these records. The same information can also be obtained for the applicant for a passport, student visa and green card.

Warrant information is used for a variety of purposes. Many employers use this information when making potential employees submit to background checks or when applying for employment. Job applicants can also use it to check on someone they are dating or going to marry.

Warrant records can help a person feel protected. In case someone wants to hire a person or they want to rent a house to someone, they can use a person’s arrest records to find out more information about that person. This is also helpful to stop a prank caller who may be harassing a person. It can also help a person keep track of their family’s history. The best thing to do is to visit the local courthouse where the warrant was filed to see if there are additional records about the person in question.