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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Sedgwick County Clerk Offices
Sedgwick County Clerk525 North Main StreetWichitaKS67203316-660-9222
Cheney City Clerk131 North Main StreetCheneyKS67025316-540-3622
Goddard City Clerk118 North Main StreetGoddardKS67052316-794-2441
Haysville City Clerk200 West Grand AvenueHaysvilleKS67060316-529-5900
Sedgwick County Town & City Halls
Bentley City Hall150 Wichita AvenueBentleyKS67016316-796-1799
Clearwater City Hall129 Ross AvenueClearwaterKS67026620-584-2311
Derby City Hall611 North Mulberry RoadDerbyKS67037316-788-1519
Haysville City Hall200 West Grand AvenueHaysvilleKS67060316-529-5929
Kechi City Hall200 West Kechi RoadKechiKS67067316-744-9287
Maize City Hall10100 Grady AvenueMaizeKS67101316-722-7561
Valley Center City Hall121 South Meridian AvenueValley CenterKS67147316-755-7310
Wichita City Hall455 North Main StreetWichitaKS67202316-942-4482
Sedgwick County Marriage License Office
Sedgwick County Marriage License525 North Main StreetWichitaKS67203316-660-5833
Sedgwick County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Sedgwick County 18th Judicial District Court FAQ Page
Sedgwick County Clerk's Office County Records
Sedgwick County Divorce Certificates
Sedgwick County Marriage Certificates & Records
Wichita Public Library Database
Married Couples92,218 (47.3%)
Unmarried Couples9,866 (2.0%)
Never Married Men65,953 (33.8%)
Never Married Women55,213 (27.2%)
Separated Men2,857 (1.5%)
Separated Women4,096 (2.0%)
Widowed Men5,252 (2.7%)
Widowed Women16,326 (8.0%)
Divorced Men22,027 (11.3%)
Divorced Women28,442 (14.0%)

How to Find Kentucky Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Sedgwick County, Kentucky is maintained by the Sedgwick County Clerk of Court and are available to the public. However, the information contained within these files is not without limitation. These records contain vital and sensitive information regarding marriages that have been performed in Sedgwick County from before 1950. The first step in getting access to these records is to file a request with the clerk of court. This request can be done through mail, phone call or in person.

Upon receipt of your request you will be required to present several personal and private pieces of information to assist the clerk in your search for information. Some of the information that you will need to provide include the names of the marrying couple, maiden name of the bride or groom, place of marriage and cause of marriage. You will also be required to state the reason you are requesting the records. The process of retrieving the records usually takes around three weeks. During this time the records are safely stored in the county clerk’s office.

State laws and requirements determine the length of time it takes for records to be updated and available. Typically, the records are updated and made readily available to any member of the public on the twenty-first day of the calendar month following the event. For example, records that were filed on the fourth of July will not be available to the public on the fourth of January. The rules of the county and laws regulating marriage remain the same no matter what date the records are filed.

Marriage records are available for both civil and legal proceedings. They also provide information regarding the parents of a child at the time of the marriage. They also show the age and maturity of the bride or groom at the time of the ceremony. Birth and death records are also found in these files. It is important to note that while these records are public record they are also considered proprietary information.

If you are looking for Kentucky marriage records you will want to visit the Sedgwick County recorder’s office. A person who is searching for records can go to the office and get them done either face-to-face or online. A record can be obtained in person or online by making sure to contact the recorder of the county in which the marriage took place and requesting a copy of the record. Marriage records that are filed in other counties may not be available unless the person contacts the county clerk. This information is not considered public record, so one would have to get the records via other means.

Anyone can gain access to the Sedgwick County public records. This information includes the names of the people, the date of the marriage, the location, and even the official reason for the wedding. While most of the information is general and might not be very useful, it can provide a wealth of information about people. If you are looking for Kentucky marriage records you will be able to find them when you visit the recorder’s office in Sedgwick County. There are times when these records are only available during certain hours. For example, during the week when most county offices are closed.