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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2860)Montgomery County Police Departments
Crawfordsville Police Department311 North Green StreetCrawfordsvilleIN47933765-362-3762
Montgomery County Police Departments
Darlington Police Department222 West Main StreetDarlingtonIN47940765-794-4496
Ladoga Police Department121 East Main StreetLadogaIN47954765-942-2531
Linden Police Department302 Water StreetLindenIN47955765-339-4550
New Market Police Department101 Main StreetNew MarketIN47965765-866-0111
New Market Town Office101 Main StreetNew MarketIN47965765-866-0111
New Richmond Police Department210 Franklin StreetNew RichmondIN47967765-339-4507
New Richmond Police Department110 Wabash StreetNew RichmondIN47967765-339-4507
New Ross Police Department105 State StreetNew RossIN47968765-723-1154
Waveland Police Department198 Old Ford RoadWavelandIN47989765-435-2880
Waynetown Police Department106 North Vine StreetWaynetownIN47990765-234-2154
Wingate Police Department102 North Vine StreetWingateIN47994765-275-2407
Montgomery County Sheriff Departments
Montgomery County Sheriff / Montgomery County Jail600 Memorial DriveCrawfordsvilleIN47933765-362-3740
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office600 Memorial DrCrawfordsvilleIN47933765-362-3740
Montgomery County Probation Department
Montgomery County Probation Department307 Binford StreetCrawfordsvilleIN47933765-364-6460
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Warrant Records Are One of the Most Important Types of Public Records

Warrant Records in Montgomery County Indiana are basically the same as those in any other state, county or jurisdiction where a person may be arrested or charged with a crime. These records are kept by various law enforcement agencies in the country and are available to the public through the Federal Fugitives Wing, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement channels. In Indiana, the Office of the Secretary of State maintains a record of these records along with other information that pertains to warrants for people who have been convicted of crimes in the state of Indiana. These records are considered public domain, which means anyone can obtain access to them as long as they abide by certain laws and regulations pertaining to how they will make use of the information that they contain.

Warrant records are important for several reasons, especially if a person has been arrested on suspicion of a crime. If the person was carrying or concealing that item used to commit the crime, such as a gun or drugs, then the act will be considered a violation and the person can be arrested accordingly. Also, when a person is involved in a criminal case, his or her entire history can be revealed, including any outstanding warrants that were issued against him or her. Having this background information can prove invaluable when interviewing potential employers, tenants, business partners, etc.

Perpetrators of criminal activity do not typically reveal their criminal acts to the public. If they are caught, they can be prosecuted in either state or federal court. However, since records are maintained by various federal and state agencies, having one’s criminal activity listed can help a person avoid future trouble by making sure they do not commit similar offenses. This can prevent the possibility of a repeat crime from taking place and can also help catch a suspect in the act of committing a crime he or she did not commit. This can provide valuable evidence in the event of a conviction.

Warrant records can be used as a means of keeping track of a person’s assets and bank accounts. Since these documents are considered public record, they can be searched by anyone who has a need to know such as a banking teller who suspects a person may be hiding money from them. Also, if a person has been convicted of a crime, their personal records can be accessed in order to check for financial fraud or other irregularities. Accessing these documents can be highly beneficial to a judge or law enforcement officer who is investigating a person’s credentials and possible legal violations.

A criminal background search can reveal many things about a person’s history. It can show if a person has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, if they have ever been sued or received judgments against them, if they have ever been fired from a job for being suspected of wrongdoing, and if they have ever been married or divorced. These records can also reveal information about a person’s financial situation and whether they have ever been defrauded or spent money fraudulently. Also, a criminal background search can reveal if a person has ever owned a gun or other weapons or if they have ever had a traffic citation or ticket while driving.

The easiest way to search for these types of warrants is to go online to an internet based criminal records search service. There are several websites that offer warrant records, but not all of them are created equal. Some will be more accurate than others. When using a website make sure you choose one that is highly reviewed by professionals and has an established reputation for being accurate and up-to-date. In addition, make sure you choose a website that offers a money back guarantee in case the search produces inaccurate information.