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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3109)Wilcox County Police Departments
Abbeville Police Department215 Depot StreetAbbevilleGA31001229-467-3200
Wilcox County Police Departments
Pineview Police Department121 East Commerce StreetPineviewGA31071229-624-2422
Rochelle City Police Department / Rochelle City Jail410 Stephens StreetRochelleGA31079229-365-2246
Wilcox County Sheriff Departments
Wilcox County Sheriff's Office103 North Broad StreetAbbevilleGA31001229-467-2737
Wilcox County Sheriffs Department / Wilcox County Jail126 West Main StreetAbbevilleGA31001229-467-2331
Wilcox County Probation Department
Wilcox County Probation Department126 East Main StreetAbbevilleGA31001229-467-2322
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How You Can Search For Arizona Wording Arrest Records

What are warrant records? How can a person find out if they have a warrant for their arrest? When people are arrested in Wilcox County, Georgia on charges of possessing drugs or trafficking drugs, they are taken to the county jail under the booking process. Once there, they are placed in a holding area where they are booked and then later released either upon court approval or when they have been formally processed through the jail.

Once they are released, they are photographed and fingerprinted before they can enter any other county. That’s why a copy of the original arrest warrant must always be kept on file in the circuit clerk’s office. If there is an arrest warrant out for your person’s arrest, you will most likely receive a copy through delivery in the mail with a return receipt request for $5. It is very important to have a copy of the arrest warrant because you never know when someone may want to pick him or her up to serve the arrest warrant. If the warrant is active, you can expect that someone will show up at your door at any time to serve the warrant.

The first thing that you need to know if you want to search for warrant records in Wilcox County is that you must have the person’s name and address on hand. This is required by law so that you can go online and enter the person’s name in the search fields that are provided on the websites that allow you to do a reverse lookup. For instance, if you enter “John Doe” in the search field, you will get back information on the person with respect to his or her name and current address. If the name and address are available, you will then be able to search the warrant records for the person and see if it has been renewed or not.

It is also important to note that there are different types of warrants. There are “felony warrants”, “misdemeanors”, ” contempt warrants”, and “chief justice warrants”. These terms refer to different types of warrants that are carried out by the court. You can easily learn more about the various warrants by doing a comprehensive search online.

Warrant records allow you to search the arrest history of a person, as well as his or her previous arrests. In some instances, you can even learn about a person’s sex offenses if he or she has been convicted of such in the past. These detailed warrant records help provide an accurate background check, which is especially helpful when you are looking for someone to babysit your children or hire you to work outside the house.

If you want to access the public records on someone else, you can contact the sheriff of Wilcox County in Arizona. In this case, you will have to fill out an application, and then wait until the records are released. If you are looking for someone’s name and address, however, you may have to pay a minimal fee to get these records. This information can then be used to check your partner’s background, or you can use it to prevent a babysitter from hiring a criminal.