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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3017)Lamar County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lamar County Probation Department326 Thomaston StreetBarnesvilleGA30204770-358-5167
Lamar County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lamar County Sheriffs Office / Lamar County Jail121 Roberta DriveBarnesvilleGA30204770-358-5151
Barnesville Police Department100 Mill StreetBarnesvilleGA30204770-358-1234
Milner Police Department100 Greenwood StreetBarnesvilleGA30204770-358-1604
Milner Police Department157 Main StreetMilnerGA30257770-358-1640
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What Is a Warrant For Arrest?

Warrant Records in Lamar County Georgia are public information and can be accessed through the courts, or via requests made electronically through the Internet. All warrant applications that have been filed within the county must be forwarded to the courts for review before they become public information. A warrant can be an out-of-state document, but they also may be a state-issued arrest warrant for a person who is in this state. Warrant records can reveal any violations that have been committed by an individual since their arrest.

Any time a warrant is issued for your arrest, it gives the police the authority to arrest you on the spot. If they find you are in the city of Wiliamsburg, they may serve a warrant personally on your place of business or anywhere in which you may be employed. You could be arrested for failure to appear when a court case involving you was set for trial. In addition, if you were to go to Mexico and were suspected of being involved in the illegal transportation of drugs, then the Mexican government could use a search of your warrant as grounds for your arrest.

Warrant records provide vital information to law enforcement officials about the criminal history of an individual. Because warrants are public information, they may become more widely used by government agencies to serve warrants on individuals. This can open up a lot of unwanted problems if the person being searched does not have a clear idea that they have been accused of a crime. That’s because they may believe that the person who is being searched has left the jurisdiction when they are actually right there in the jurisdiction.

Warrant records are one of the only ways of investigating the criminal activity of a person. The only way to investigate someone is to follow them everywhere they go. If a person has a warrant for their arrest, then they will be forced to disclose their whereabouts at all times.

Unfortunately, not every person with a warrant is necessarily involved in criminal activity. The existence of a warrant for someone does not mean that they are necessarily carrying out any criminal activity. A warrant may only exist based upon information that the police may have gathered using various sources. That information may include traffic data, witness information, or any other kind of information. Warrant records allow the police to investigate any warrant for potential evidence if the necessary paperwork has not been submitted.

It is very important that you be aware of the existence of any warrant for your arrest. Doing so can help you to ensure that you do not become a victim of an overzealous police department. Without knowing whether or not you are legally allowed to carry a weapon can give you a lot of trouble. This is especially true if you have a warrant out for your own arrest. To learn more about your rights, and the penalties for violating those rights, please visit our website.