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Long County Sheriffs Office6 Mc Donald StreetLudowiciGA31316912-545-2118
Ludowici Police Department22 Mc Donald StreetLudowiciGA31316912-545-9472
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Warrant Records in Long County Georgia are amongst some of the most comprehensive in the nation. They are maintained by the Judicial Branch of the State of Georgia. The warrants that are carried out by the court system are documented to enable an individual to know if they have a history of any type of crime. If a person is arrested and this arrest is on a criminal record then there will be a copy of the warrant made.

Most warrants that are carried out in the county court houses are in the form of a written warrant. In other words if a person were to do something like rob a bank or something of the sort then they would be arrested and the criminal justice system will be able to get a copy of their warrant. There are several reasons why someone might want to carry out this record search. If you were a business owner and your employee was arrested for suspicion of a crime then you can look at the criminal records to find out the person’s history.

Searching the records will show you if they have a warrant for their arrest. In this case you can then contact the Police Department to see if there are warrants out for their arrest. The police department is required to give you this information. The courts in the county where the arrest was made are also required to give you this information. So if the warrants were issued in another county then it may be necessary to do a nationwide search.

In cases of domestic violence the police records will also contain this information. You can also search for your own family members. You can use this information to check if your family members are safe. It could very well be that someone in your family has a criminal background and you will want to keep them in check. These records can also be very useful if you are dating someone and you want to make sure they are not a criminal.

There are many reasons why you would need to do a criminal records check. You may want to know who your employees are, your neighbors or even new neighbors. When you do a background check you will have access to thousands of different sets of information about people. Many times the reports that are available are more accurate than local newspaper records. Many times you can find out the same information at the court house that is reporting the person’s activity.

By doing a nationwide search you can get access to warrant records. These are not always readily available because these reports are considered to be state secrets. Many times you will have to hire a private investigator to get access to warrant records. One of the biggest advantages to using an investigator is that they have the ability to look up any and all data at the click of a mouse. This makes getting background information on people very fast and efficient.