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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3088)Terrell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Terrell County Probation Department1666 Albany HighwayDawsonGA39842229-995-6701
Terrell County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Terrell County Sheriff's Office499 Roundtree Drive SouthwestDawsonGA39842229-995-4488
Terrell County Sheriffs Office3108 Albany HighwayDawsonGA39842229-995-4488
Dawson Police Department122 7th Avenue NortheastDawsonGA39842229-995-4414
Dawson Public Safety Department432 Crawford Street NortheastDawsonGA39842229-995-4414
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Conducting a Criminal Records Check on Anyone

Warrant Records in Terrell County Georgia are held by the Georgia State Patrol and they keep a record of any warrants for arrests that have been out. If you have a friend or relative who is arrested in Georgia, you may be able to get this information through a background check on the person. These are not criminal records but rather just an information file that can show warrant searches from other agencies. You can look up all kinds of things, such as traffic tickets, sex offenses, bankruptcy filings, and much more.

The best place to start your search is with the Georgia State Patrol. They will be able to tell you if someone you are searching for has ever had their warrants out in the past. If the person has not then they will be well informed about any criminal convictions that they may have had. This is information that you can use to protect yourself and your family. If a member of your family or even you are being abused, then you can make sure that help is on its way.

If a search turns up no results then the next place you should check is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This is a government agency that will run a nationwide criminal search through all of the court houses. If a warrant is outstanding, they will try to find it and turn it over to the police. If that does not work, then they will give your information to the public.

In some cases you may want to search for the warrant records themselves. You will need to have the name of the person in question and the crime that they were arrested for. You should then go online and find a website that offers these records. Many of them will have access to warrant records as well as criminal background information. It is best to take advantage of this when you need to conduct a search.

You can pay for these records as well. There are many companies that will offer access to these records for a small fee. These are all legitimate businesses that you should feel comfortable using. Once you are in possession of the information you can then proceed with a search. In some cases, you can pay a small fee and gain unlimited access to their database.

You should always be careful when you are conducting searches online. It is easy to pick up a computer and start surfing. Make sure that the site that you are visiting has good security to prevent stealing of information from you. By using the information that you obtain it can help you to find out if there are any pending cases against the person you are investigating.