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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3046)Macon County Police Departments
Macon County Campus Police Department611 Vienna RoadMontezumaGA31063478-472-8579
Macon County Police Departments
Macon County School Police31 Buck Creek BypassOglethorpeGA31068
Ideal Police Department606 Tom Watson StreetIdealGA31041478-949-2720
Marshallville Police Department111 East Main StreetMarshallvilleGA31057478-967-2232
Montezuma Police Department408 South Dooly StreetMontezumaGA31063478-472-6260
Oglethorpe Police Department500 Sumter StreetOglethorpeGA31068478-472-7538
Oglethorpe Police Department115 Chatham StreetOglethorpeGA31068478-472-7538
Macon County Sheriff Departments
Macon County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 345OglethorpeGA31068478-472-6447
Macon County Sheriffs Office / Macon County Jail117 Crescent StreetOglethorpeGA31068478-472-6457
Pike County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 345OglethorpeGA31068478-472-6447
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Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Macon County Georgia are one of the most informative categories of public information. They contain everything you need to know about warrants, except how they got you. If that is your focus, this is not the right place for you. Search warrants by person, warrant type, and county of issuance to find what you are looking for.

One of the questions people have about warrants is whether or not they are public information. The answer is no they are not. Like many other types of records that are not part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), warrants are not readily available to the general public. They are available to law officials in the county that issued the warrant and to anyone requesting it for legal advice or information on a specific case.

In order to obtain the information from a warrant, a person must first go to the courthouse where the warrant was filed. This can be very intimidating for some people. They do not want to appear in court on their own, and many people fear that appearing in court and having a warrant detected will result in them going to jail. In Georgia, however, police are required to inform the person that they have a warrant out for their arrest, and to search the person for probable cause to believe that the person has committed a specific crime.

Once a person searches the courthouse records for a warrant, he/she will find out the names of the arresting officers and the date that the warrant was executed. They will also learn the specifics of the crime that was committed. Some warrants may include a charge of assault, burglary, battery, petit larceny, possession of stolen property, robbery, or more. While the details contained in the report are not always current, it is still a good idea to double check these details to make sure that the person in question has in fact been arrested. If the person has an outstanding warrant out for his/her arrest, they should not leave the state until they have fulfilled their obligations under the terms of their bail agreement.

There is no cost associated with searching for warrant records, and anyone can perform an arrest warrant search. However, there are circumstances when a person may want to search for a warrant to see if they themselves are under investigation. For example, a nanny may be hired by a new parent in order to care for their children. If the nanny suspects that the parent has a warrant out for their arrest, they would be within their rights to search for the parents’ warrant and see if it is active.

Warrant searches can be done by almost anyone. Even sex offenders, repeat offenders, criminals, and people under investigation for a crime are able to access the database. To perform a warrant search, a person only needs personal information such as a Social Security number, name, or date of birth. In most cases, a person can be arrested for almost any crime, and searching for the proper records is the only way to find out about it. Many people are afraid to do something because they don’t want to be found out to be doing it. However, warrant searches are a perfectly legal way to find out important information about someone.