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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2843)Dade County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Dade County Probation Department75 Case AvenueTrentonGA30752706-657-7539
Dade County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Dade County Sheriffs Office / Dade County Jail75 Case AvenueTrentonGA30752706-657-3233
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement - Cloudland Canyon State Park122 Cloudland Canyon Park RoadRising FawnGA30738706-657-4050
Trenton City Hall12882 North Main StreetTrentonGA30752706-657-4167
Trenton Police Department12882 North Main StreetTrentonGA30752706-657-4167
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Warrant Records in Dade County Georgia are public information. However, because warrants are considered to be public record and are filed in court, they are open to the public. This is done by the issuance of orders and warrants. An order of arrest or search is one type of warrant. A bench warrant or search warrant is another and these can be issued at any time, day or night.

It may seem obvious to assume that a warrant will show up on someone’s permanent record. But there are a few exceptions. If a person has failed to appear at his court date, that warrant will definitely appear on his record. If a person is arrested for a warrant, it will show up as an arrest warrant.

In some cases, a warrant may not show up on someone’s record until it is served. In this case, the warrant may be found on the person’s person when he goes to pick an appearance date. The warrant will then be served. If the person does not show up to the court, the warrant may be renewed and thus placed on the person’s permanent record. When the warrant is renewed, it will show up on the person’s permanent record. But if the person does show up at the court, the warrant will be dismissed.

Warrant records are a matter of public record. Anyone can obtain them. They are available from courts. This means that anyone who is looking for information on someone can obtain it. There are several different types of records that are found in this category, including criminal records. People who want to obtain access to these records should contact the courts directly.

When a person has been arrested for a warrant, there may be further information available regarding the arrest. Police department databases and state police databases are some of the sources that may be accessed. These types of records may also be used to locate a person. A person with outstanding warrants may want to look into obtaining a copy of their record. This can be done at any public or private records database.

Searching through the various websites that allow one to search warrant records can be done online. However, the use of a paid records search service can be far more efficient and reliable. The quality of these services are very good and can provide all of the needed information for a person to make a smart decision when dealing with these types of matters. When it comes to legal matters, a person needs to make sure they do everything they can to find out the truth. Sometimes people will simply not have all of the details and will need someone with knowledge and experience to help them.