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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2849)Dougherty County Police Departments
Dougherty County Police Department2106 Habersham RoadAlbanyGA31701229-430-6604
Dougherty County Police Departments
Dougherty County School Police Department601 Flint AvenueAlbanyGA31701229-431-1812
Albany Police Department225 Pine AvenueAlbanyGA31701229-431-3277
Albany Police Department201 West Oglethorpe BoulevardAlbanyGA31701229-431-2100
Albany State University Dept Of Public Safety504 College DriveAlbanyGA31705
Darton College Campus Police Department2400 Gillionville RoadAlbanyGA31707229-317-6911
Georgia State Government Environmental Protection Division Law Enforcement2025 Newton RoadAlbanyGA31701229-430-4252
Georgia State Patrol Troop G Post 40 - Albany830 Liberty ExpresswayAlbanyGA31705229-430-4248
Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Police3905 Newton RoadAlbanyGA31707229-430-5180
Dougherty County Sheriff Department
Dougherty County Sheriffs Office225 Pine AvenueAlbanyGA31701229-431-2166
Dougherty County FBI Office
Albany Georgia FBI Office235 West Roosevelt AvenueAlbanyGA31701229-420-0253
Dougherty County Probation Department
Dougherty County Probation Department1303 Evelyn AvenueAlbanyGA31705229-430-4183
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How to Search For Warrant Records Online

A growing trend for the general public to obtain public records on someone, including their criminal history, is via searching through Dougherty County Georgia’s public records database. By searching a public record database you can find arrest warrants, divorce records, driving records, sex offenses, and other vital information about a person. These records are considered public domain, which means that anyone is able to access them without having to seek a court order.

Anyone in possession of these documents is legally obligated to show their identity when asked, or face arrest. There are three types of public databases to search through when researching background information for someone: state, county, and federal. Searching through a single central record database may prove to be very time consuming. You will want to conduct searches using each of these types of databases at least once, but in any event you should be prepared to wait up to thirty days to retrieve all the information you require.

Statewide, your best option for an extensive background search would be to go online and use an online public records database. If you know where to look, you can locate websites that offer background checks from multiple sources. These services work by collecting information across multiple state government agencies. Once they have compiled the information they will offer you a search tool that makes it simple to complete a background check from your computer.

Searching criminal records is one option available when investigating a person’s history. If there is a searchable record for the person you are investigating, you can quickly learn if any felonies have been committed. If there are no public criminal records available for a certain person, you may have to contact the county sheriff’s department and request the information.

Obtaining a copy of a person’s criminal history is not limited to just employers. A nanny or babysitter may need to be aware of a person’s past. If you are considering hiring a caregiver or nanny to watch your children, you may want to run a background check on them first. Not only can you learn about any past incidents, but you can also obtain a copy of the person’s arrest records. With this information, you can feel confident that you are hiring the right person to care for your kids.

Regardless of whether you are conducting a general search on someone or want to dig even deeper, online public records databases provide an easy, reliable way to learn more about someone. If you aren’t comfortable with doing a search yourself, you can pay a small fee and use a professional service. With one of these services, you don’t have to waste time hunting for the information yourself. Instead, the service will do all of the work for you. You will only need to access the online site once and you can get access to warrant records, criminal background information and more.