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Bacon County Probation Department307 North Dixon StreetAlmaGA31510912-632-5166
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Bacon County Sheriffs Office / Bacon County Jail307 South Dixon StreetAlmaGA31510912-632-5166
Alma Police Department307 South Dixon StreetAlmaGA31510912-632-4311
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How to Conduct a Criminal Records Check

Warrant Records in Bacon County Georgia are an important part of Georgia’s Vital Records Service (VRS). What are “warrants”? A “warrant” is a legal document that allows a government official to exercise jurisdiction over someone else. When you apply for a copy of your record, you will be asked if you want a duplicate of your record or the original.

Warrant Records in Bacon County Georgia

Some basic information about warrants can be helpful before you decide if you need them. “Warrants” are the names of people or legal documents that allow for searches by law enforcement officials and other authorized parties. A warrant is usually issued by a judge upon issuance of a warrant application. The warrant may specify the period of time the warrant is effective, the location where the search is conducted and who it can be searched too. Some warrants last for only a few days while others may last for weeks or even months.

Obtaining a copy of a person’s warrant record is a fairly simple process in Georgia. If you have knowledge where the warrant is issued, you can obtain your copy from the courthouse where the warrant was filed. If not, you may be able to contact the clerk of court where the warrant was filed or the Department of Public Safety and Security. If you know the person’s identity, you can obtain your records from the Federal Bureau of Investigations at the U.S. Marshals Service or the Federal Bureau of Investigation directly.

In some cases, such as identity theft or child pornography, obtaining the warrant requires proving to the courts that the person is the subject of a valid warrant. To establish your cause, you must convince a judge that the person’s freedom may be violated if they are away from home. This type of warrant requires a showing that a person has been committed a crime, is a danger to the public or is likely to commit another crime. There are several different types of warrants that may be applied for by different authorities. Each type carries different penalties, including fines and up to ten years in jail.

Warrants also provide law enforcement officials with information about a person’s travel habits. For example, if you suspect your son is skipping school, you can get a criminal history check. Searching motor vehicle records, criminal history records or sex offender records can be conducted using a warrant. This will allow parents to ensure their children are safe.

Warrant records are available to the public from many court houses and police stations. However, you should consider doing some research to verify the information. Most of the records are public, but some are private. In other words, if you don’t get the information from the right place, you could have inaccurate data. Inaccuracy of data is a legitimate reason to challenge the accuracy of the records.