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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3098)Upson County Police Departments
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement - Sprewell Bluff State Park740 Sprewell Bluff RoadThomastonGA30286706-646-6026
Upson County Police Departments
Georgia State Patrol Troop D Post 26 - Thomaston281 Knight TrailThomastonGA30286706-646-6448
Thomaston Police Department106 East Lee StreetThomastonGA30286706-647-5455
Thomaston Police Department1100 Barnesville StreetThomastonGA30286706-647-5455
Upson County Sheriff Department
Upson County Sheriffs Office / Upson County Jail235 Aviation DriveThomastonGA30286706-647-7411
Upson County Probation Department
Upson County Probation Department113 East County RoadThomastonGA30286706-646-6000
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How to Locate People With Warrant Records

If you need to find out who has been arrested for a DUI or if you have an outstanding warrant for your own arrest, you will need to locate Upson County Georgia warrants. A warrant is issued when a person does not honor a court order for some reason. Warrants are public records and can be found in all counties in the state of Georgia.

What is included on a warrant? There will usually be information such as the name of the accused, the date of arrest and the location. The accused may have a co-defendant or one other person that was also present at the time of the arrest. If the person arrested has an outstanding warrant for their arrest it will also be noted on the warrant. Sometimes however, only a single outstanding warrant will be listed on the document. A warrant will state the name of the accused, the date of birth of the defendant, the location of the arrest and the charges against them.

If you are looking for Upson County Georgia warrants then you will have three options. You can go online and search for them yourself. There are many companies online that specialize in keeping track of public records. They have developed databases that can search through hundreds of different counties and have access to everything that is on their records. This means that you will be able to find out the details of any warrant that you may be searching for. It can also make your search more efficient as you will only have to enter the information once.

You can also choose to go through a local private detective. These professionals will be able to perform an Internet search for you as well. They will be able to access the same county and state records that you would access online and bring you the results in just a few minutes. These professionals will also have access to national, state and even federal records.

In some cases, you will need to hire an investigator to conduct your search. He will know all the different resources that are available and he will be able to find the best ones for your needs. Since most warrants are public record you will have no problem finding the information that you want online.

There are many reasons why you would need to know about warrants. Perhaps you are trying to move into a new neighborhood and see if there are any illegal activities going on. Maybe you are interested in keeping an eye on your children while they are being cared for by someone else. Whatever your reasons, you can find out all of the information that you need online.