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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3092)Towns County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Towns County Probation Department4070 Highway 339Young HarrisGA30582
Towns County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Towns County Sheriff's Office48 River StreetHiawasseeGA30546706-896-4444
Towns County Sheriffs Office4070 Georgia 339Young HarrisGA30582706-896-4444
Hiawassee Police Department229 Chatuge WayHiawasseeGA30546706-896-2203
Young Harris College Police Department1 College StreetYoung HarrisGA30582706-379-4570
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Reasons To Find Out The Details Of A Warrant

Warrant Records in Towns County Georgia are kept in a separate system from the regular city police department where warrants are typically issued. Anytime that a person is arrested and charged with a crime, or even just suspicion of a crime, the local jurisdiction that the arrest was made in will request that the warrants be shown to them. The circuit courts usually do this for all warrants that they issue. When these warrants are out there for the public to see then it becomes their responsibility to keep them up-to-date with information about each one. This can become a huge burden on the courts and taxpayers if the information that they need is not easily accessible.

It would be much easier for everyone if warrants were only available to officials when the person actually had been arrested and charged with the crime. But since it is not always the case, and warrants are sometimes issued for activities that have taken place far away from where the arrest took place, it is the responsibility of each jurisdiction to maintain this information at their fingertips. Searching through hundreds of different government databases can be incredibly time consuming. It would be much easier if the warrants were readily available so that officials could simply pull up a list of all the warrants that they currently have information on.

What happens when there is an arrest for a warrant? When the warrant is issued, the person who is accused of the warrant will be notified by the courthouse that their arrest has been made. This is also called an exceeding the bail act. The accused will then be ordered to appear in court, and if they are found guilty, their warrant will be immediately lifted. However, if they are found innocent, the warrant will be canceled. If the accused doesn’t show up at all then their warrant remains active.

The most important reason to find out the public records of a person’s arrest is to avoid any potential legal problems that may arise from warrants. For instance, if a person that you know has several warrants out for their arrest, you may think nothing of it until they show up at your door with a warrant for your arrest. Then you can be legally obligated to let them go or have their bonds paid. It is possible that this can cause some serious problems, especially if you have a lot of friends and relatives that you’re trusting with you. In addition, it’s possible to have sex offender records released to the public if they have been convicted of a sex offense.

Another reason to find out the details of a warrant is to keep yourself safe. In the world today, it is easy for someone to get a warrant out for your arrest. You might think that you can’t be arrested because you are at work or out of town, but that isn’t always true. If you’ve had any dealings with someone online, that person could have a warrant out for your arrest. Also, you might think that you can just ignore the person if you don’t know whether they have a record, but that’s not always true either.

When you find out someone’s warrant status, you can usually learn who they are, where they live, and how long they have been in jail. If you have any suspicions that someone has a warrant out for their arrest, you should call the police immediately. Make sure that you tell the person that you know they have a warrant out for their arrest. Then you can explain why you have that information and where it is. It can save your life and give you peace of mind.