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Overview of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Gunnison County Colorado are among the public information that most people are not aware of. This is because they are kept in a separate department that is not part of the judicial branch of the state government. Because the records are maintained in this manner, one would have to make a formal request to get them and then wait for several days or weeks to see if they can get any information regarding a person’s arrest record, criminal conviction record or any other public records that pertain to the person.

What is more, there is no such thing as a warrant that can be legally issued to a person until it is served personally on him or her. The only instance when a warrant can be legally carried out is when there is a situation wherein there is an ongoing crime that has not been fully completed. In some situations, the police or law officials can serve a warrant to a person but the person doesn’t appear at the court to answer the warrant. When this happens, the warrant will be carried out anyway. However, the person can still go ahead to have his record cleared or to have it sealed as long as he still co-operates with authorities and promises to promptly cooperate with them.

Warrant records in Colorado are considered public information due to the Freedom of Information Act. This act states that the records must be disclosed to the public whenever there is an important purpose for doing so. The records are then categorized into two different categories, which are criminal justice records and civil records. Details on criminal justice records include; mug shots of arrested individuals, felony charges and all those under their bailiwick, names of investigators working for the state, court records of marriage and divorce cases and the proceedings in them and the case outcomes.

Civil records include details on marriages, divorces, land and property transactions, etc. Of course, the records pertaining to criminal justice are kept in separate departments due to privacy reasons. However, the state has refused to make these records public due to the ongoing concern for state security. Details pertaining to civil cases are available with the help of a licensed attorney.

People living in the United States are legally required to get a warrant before carrying out any act that would seem suspicious. For instance, carrying a concealed weapon without a license is considered to be an act suspicious enough to warrant the seizure of the weapon by a police officer. Similarly, carrying money or any other thing that might be obtained by means of carrying a concealed weapon is considered to be an act that may warrant an arrest warrant. If such a situation arises, the person is obligated to inform the law enforcement authorities in question so that they can perform an investigation into the matter and then if warranted apprehend the person in question and carry out the necessary legal procedure to get a criminal conviction against the accused.

Warrant records are considered to be public information because they are maintained in the courthouses throughout the country. However, the only way that a person can get a copy of such a record is by going to the courthouse in the county where the person wants to check if there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest. The person can also obtain a copy of the warrant from the national crime information database. There are various websites that offer information on warrant records and the availability of such records.