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Warrant Records in Grand County Colorado are public documents that keep track of people’s criminal activity and are easily accessible. They record all warrant requests that are made by law enforcement agencies, and are then stored in the respective court houses of the jurisdiction. A person can access these records online through the official website of Grand County by going to the “award records” link and clicking on the corresponding category. Once there you will be able to search through the arrest records, court case dockets, and other pertinent information related to warrants from your computer at home.

What are warrants? Warrants are a legal document that is granted by a judge that allows for someone to be arrested for a crime if they are suspected of being involved in that crime. Warrant records provide the police with enough information to help them to apprehend the person in the case, but they do not release the person into their custody simply because there is a warrant out for their arrest. Instead, the person must appear in court and tell why they were arrested and then the judge will issue an arrest warrant for their arrest.

Who gets these warrants? Warrant requests are requested by anyone who suspects their neighbor, co-worker or friend of being involved in a crime. They may also be issued by law enforcement authorities when they have caught someone in the act of committing a crime. If a person doesn’t follow the terms of their warrant, they can easily get themselves arrested again. When a warrant is issued, it becomes a matter of public record and can be found in any newspaper in the county the person lives in.

Why are they used? Warrant records help law enforcement authorities if they need to look for a person who has been involved in a crime and cannot find that person’s whereabouts due to privacy reasons. This can be a crucial situation where an evidence of a crime is needed in order to bring a suspect to justice.

How do you access these records? You can either search online or you can go to your local courthouse to search for the warrant. You will need to write down the person’s name, date of birth and address in the search box on the website so you can search for these records. If the person has been convicted of a crime, the records can be searched there as well.

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