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The Basics About Getting a List of People’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most sensitive pieces of public information in the state of Colorado. The main reason for this is because warrants are drawn up by police agencies to allow them to locate a person when they have a reasonable suspicion that they may be involved in criminal activity. Wartime warrants can often be outstanding, or they can be expired, meaning that law enforcement has no real way of knowing if the person is legally present in the state at that time. This can be a problem, particularly in Larimer County, since warrants are one of the biggest investigative tools available to law enforcement.

What is a warrant? A warrant is a legal document from a court that authorizes a law enforcement officer to “arrest” or “search” a person. Contrary to what many people believe, a warrant doesn’t have to be signed by a judge, and it doesn’t need to identify the person who is being searched. Any law enforcement officer can simply execute a search without first having the person’s permission or identification as long as the search is conducted according to procedures laid down by the State.

There are several ways that a person can be searched by law enforcement. If the person is arrested, their name will be listed in their arrest documents. If a person’s identity is stolen, police can obtain a copy of the person’s social security card or birth certificate to verify who they are.

Even if a person does not have any warrants against their person, the police can still perform an investigation on them. It is possible for law enforcement to secretly search a person without telling them that they’re doing so, and some states even allow police to place a “Batch Forfeiture” tag on a vehicle or house without a warrant. Performing a warrant search in Larimer County means that any records of a person that are stored within the county will be accessible to anyone who requests them.

If a person is arrested and then investigated for criminal charges, the results will turn up warrants for their arrest. Warrant records are used for various purposes, including conducting a background check on a potential employee, checking out your child’s friends, investigating a new neighbor, and much more. By obtaining a copy of a person’s record, you can find out whether they’ve been convicted of a crime, and you can learn their full legal history. Additionally, you can learn about any outstanding warrants they may have. You can also learn about other records that were against that person at the time of their arrest, including traffic tickets, sexual offenses, and more.

Performing a search in Larimer County means that you’ll be able to gain access to these types of records without having to pay any fees. Some counties charge for this information, but it’s generally minimal. Keep in mind that you’ll have to contact each of the law enforcement agencies where the warrant was issued in order to find the information you’re looking for. It may be easier to just hire an online service to retrieve the information for you since it only requires a few minutes of your time.