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What Is a Warrant Record?

In Eagle County, Colorado the Sheriff’s Department maintains a system of numerous databases, much of which contain warrant records. These records have traditionally been compiled by county clerks manually and have provided information on all warrants issued in their jurisdiction. As more people are using online resources to conduct a search for warrants, obtaining the information electronically has become the new trend. This is advantageous for the public because it allows them access to warrants that are not available otherwise.

In the past, if you wanted to search for information about a person, you would have to either go to the courthouse or hire a private investigator to do it for you. The problem with this option is that it costs money to do a search and it can take a long time to get results. Today there are services online that enable us to perform an effective search on a person in less than one minute. We simply log on to the website, pay the fee and within seconds get the public record information that we need.

Before the existence of these sites, people were forced to spend hours at the courthouse retrieving warrant information. Even today, most county clerks still maintain paper copies of the original arrest warrant. This is because they do not want to update the databases because they believe it will be too difficult to do so. The fact is, we can now search these records quickly and easily online for a small fee. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you can obtain it immediately from one of these sites.

One of the main reasons for people wanting to perform a search online is to find out if there is a warrant out for their arrest. In the case of domestic violence, it is critical to make sure that the person being accused does not have a criminal record of this nature. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, then you could be at risk of being arrested at any time. Performing a search on your own is not recommended; it is best to leave the search up to a professional.

Warrant records are public information and you should not have to pay for them. However, if you are performing a search, you may want to consider getting the best deal possible. Since there are many companies that offer search services, you may want to consider searching more than one. Some of the services will charge a fee for each search but the amount they charge will generally be less than what it would cost to go through the courthouse and hire a records clerk. If you do decide to use one of these services, you should look for the following information: how the records are stored, how easy the searches are, how many records are available, how fast the results are, and whether or not you can conduct more than one search.

Performing a warrant search online is a very simple process. Once the person you are investigating completes their online form, you will be provided with the necessary information. You should be able to see whether or not there is a warrant out for your person’s arrest. If so, you should go on to arrest the person and turn over the documents that would make your investigation legal.